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Gutter Cleaning Tools to Help You Make Your Home Clean

You have to ensure your gutters are cleaned out regularly. Your gutters are susceptible to many problems like rust and corrosion that can become worse if these surfaces are not cleared out. Your surfaces could also become clogged from leaves, old granules from roofing tiles, and even mold in some of the worst cases. Those clogs can keep water from flowing away from your property. Sometimes those clogs can cause water to pool up to where your gutters could become too heavy or dangerous.

The great news is that you have many options to choose from when finding the best gutter cleaning tools for use in your home. These options will assist you with clearing out even the most difficult blockages and bits of debris in your gutters.

What is even better about the best gutter cleaning tools is that they can work without you having to get up on a ladder and climb to the top of your roof. The problem with a traditional cleaning routine is that you have to get up there and clean off the debris inside your gutters on your own. Getting up there yourself would be dangerous as your ladder could fall over while you use it. The process of just collecting all that stuff up there can be a hassle too.

But with these gutter cleaning items, you will find that it isn’t too hard to get rid of whatever is clogging up your gutters. Let’s take a look at a few good choices for your use.

Start With Gutter Vacuum Accessories

You can start working on clearing out your gutters by using the right gutter vacuum accessories. You can find many options online that can fit onto the end of a leaf blower. Such a tool will suck the debris out of the gutter and move into a vacuum chamber or bag that is attached to the end of the blower unit.

A useful gutter vacuum can work well for your cleaning needs, but this works best if your gutter has dry items like leaves or needles. A tool like this should not be hard to use though. If anything, you will ensure the leaves and water waste materials that you clear out will not spill onto your lawn after you clear them out this way.

Consider Cleaning Tongs

Gutter cleaning tongs can also be used if you have materials inside your gutters that are a little tougher to remove. These include wet leaves and various bits of sludge. A tong can be added onto a large extension wand and then used to grab out the debris from inside the space. A pole that your tong can be attached to may be long enough to where you can get the tong unit to link up to a second story space.

Gutter Sense

The Gutter Sense cleaning tool is an ideal choice for you to utilize. The cleaning wand is useful in that you don’t have to worry about getting a ladder to remove stuff from your gutters. Gutter Sense lets you reach a two-story gutter from off of the group.

Gutter Sense is light in weight and features two prongs on its body. The paddles are 2.5 inches wide while the tongs offer a 14-inch width for producing a better grasp.

You can add the Gutter Sense tool onto an extension pole if needed. The angles on the arms ensure that the wand can gather all that debris in your space without hassles.

  • Weighs less than half a pound
  • Grabs well onto most gutter surfaces
  • Easy to affix onto most poles
  • Struggles with harder surfaces
  • Needs to work away from the drains

iRobot Looj

The second choice to see is this appealing gutter cleaning robot from iRobot, the makers of the Roomba vacuum. To use this, you will add the robot into the gutter and then use a remote to start it up.

The robot is two inches in height and three inches wide. The robot operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A one-button cleaning mode lets you quickly remove items out of your gutters. The four-part auger works hard to clean off and remove debris from inside the space.

The auger breaks apart clogs while the polypropylene sweepers can brush off the surface of your gutter. A scraper added extra help for clearing off spaces. The ejectors will collect the debris that the robot gathers and then push the materials off of the side of the gutter, thus removing all that junk from your gutter.

  • The low profile arrangement fits well into your gutter
  • Waterproof design can handle wet leaves
  • You can add large or small-size auger ejectors depending on the debris you want to clear out
  • A 50-foot range on the remote
  • Takes a while for the battery to power up
  • Needs to be aligned well in your gutter

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Ezy Flo Gutter Cleaning Kit

The next option for you to see is this model from Ezy Flo that offers a telescoping handle. The handle moves from six to fifteen feet in length. You can get the wand to reach up to 22 feet in height when body height is considered. A high-pressure nozzle offers a fast blast of water to help with flushing out a gutter in just moments.

The gutter cleaner offers an aluminum body. A foam grip is on the handle to make it easy for you to move the wand along. An add bristle brush can also be used on the wand to clear out some of the toughest debris. You can also adjust the nozzle to change the pressure level on the cleaner. The design improves upon how well you can control the flow of water.

  • Easy to utilize
  • Offers a large reach range
  • Does well with a variety of debris inside your gutter
  • The foam handles provide you with a better grip
  • Tough to figure out if the tool is working
  • Sometimes debris might go through the downspout

Annovi Reverberi Telescoping Lance

The last option to use for your cleaning needs is this lance that offers a length from six to eighteen feet depending on how you adjust it. A 3/8-inch inlet provides enough room for water to flow out. A quarter-inch quick connect feature lets you secure the lance up to many water hoses. The fiberglass body also offers a lightweight surface so you can quickly move this model around many spaces.

  • Easy to grip onto
  • Works through many pressure levels
  • Simple installation setup
  • Can shake around quickly in some cases
  • The handle is small in size

What About a Gutter Flusher and Cleaner

You can also utilize a gutter flusher if you need help with moving out the hardest items inside your gutter. With this, you would use a power sprayer that links up to a pole on a water hose. You can use one of many spray settings depending on the tool you utilize. A hand trigger may help you with controlling when the water will come out onto the gutter.

An extension wand may be used here to help you with reaching the gutter while on the ground. You can even find a detachable mirror on some models to help you see how well the cleaning process is working. Such a tool works best for cases where you know you can clear out the debris by moving it into the downspout or by pushing the stuff inside off on the gutter side to move it to the ground.

These options for the best gutter cleaning tools are worthwhile options that you are bound to enjoy using. Each choice will help you to clear out even the hardest things stuck inside your gutters. No need to worry about gutter cleaning anymore and no need to worry about the blocked gutter.

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