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Best Ladder Leg Leveler for Stairs

You probably know how annoying it is when you have an uneven table or chair.

But an uneven ladder is certainly a more terrifying prospect, isn’t it?

best ladder leg leveler for stairs

The problem isn’t with the ladders usually, since most manufacturers do know how to set even side rails. The problem is when you’re setting the ladder on uneven ground. It doesn’t look good when your ladder resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Fortunately, we have levelers for ladders. These attach to the sides of the ladder, and then you have replacement feet for the ladders which you can then adjust.

Each side of the ladder can be of different length so that you can compensate for uneven ground. Generally, you attach a leveler on just one side of the ladder, so that that the leveler can be extended to reach deeper ground.

Since some ladder levelers are better than others, we’ve listed some of what we consider the best ladder leveler:

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1. Levelok Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit

This is very easy to attach and detach. It also extends up to 10 inches down.

Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit

The nice thing about this is that you only need to step down on the leveler extend it as long as it has to be. You won’t have to bend down and adjust it by hand.

You just attach the mount for the leveler first, and then the leveler itself. After you’re done using the leveler, you just press a button on the mount so you can detach the leveler.

This works with both aluminum and fiberglass ladders, and even with wood types. It also meets the standards set by OSHA and ANSI.

  • Easy enough to install
  • Very easy to detach afterwards
  • 10 inches extra
  • Meets safety standards
  • Works with many types of ladders, including those with weight limit of 375 pounds
  • However, a few customers do report that it didn’t fit on their ladders

2. LeveLok Ladder Permanent Mount Style Leveler (LL-STB-1AL)

This one gives you a pair of levelers. This means you won’t have to remove the levelers at all, as they can just be set there as a permanent feature of the ladder.

LeveLok Ladder Permanet Mount Style Leveler

You can then adjust the heights for both sides. Fortunately, you only need about 15 minutes to install these levelers.

These have options to extend in increments of 3/16 of an inch. It can then extend all the way down to 9.5 inches. The bottom of the feet has a rubber pad with nice secure tread. There are even mounting holes so you can put in nails to secure the ladder to decking.

You also adjust the length of each side with just your foot. It also has a safety lock to make sure that the leg length doesn’t change while you’re on the ladder.

  • Easy to install
  • No need to detach
  • Extremely secure and stable
  • The feet work on snow and gravel
  • A bit more expensive (since you have 2 of them)
  • They add weight to the ladder

3. Louisville Ladder Levelok Ladder Leveler

This gives you two mounts (one for each side) along with a leveler you can attach to either side.

Louisville Ladder Levelok Ladder Leveler Kit, 1 Levelok and 2 Base Units

It extends down to 10 inches, with a swivel shoe that can set very well on the ground.


  • Easy enough to install and it won’t take more than a few minutes
  • Designed to work with all Louisville Ladders, including aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders
  • Has 300-pound limit
  • Works with your foot
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA safety standards
  • May not work with non-Louisville Ladder models
  • Your ladder weight limit of 375 pounds go down to just 300 pounds
  • You do need special tools to install this, including a drill, a wrench, and an Allen wrench

4. ProVisionTools, Inc. PiViT LadderTool Extension Ladder

This works with just about any ladder, because it doesn’t have the generic leveler design. Instead of an extending leg, you have a platform for which you can set down one of the legs of the ladder.

_ProVisionTools, Inc. PiViT LadderTool Extension Ladder, Leveling Tool, and Stable Platform for All Surfaces

It’s so versatile that it can be used as a step tool, and it even has a compartment to carry your tools. It’s like a bag you can put under the ladder to keep it steady.

  • Works on all ladders
  • No need for clamps and bolts
  • Has hundreds of “little feet” to provide a steady platform of one of the ladder legs
  • Can be used in several ways, including as a tool box
  • It’s a bit scary to use at first
  • It’s a separate item you have to carry, so carrying it along with a ladder will be difficult at the same time

5. The Levelizer

Here’s another leveler similar to the Pivit.

The Levelizer_ The Fast, Safe, Easy Ladder Level

You again have the wedge design so that when you’re on tilting ground, you have a flat platform for your ladder.

  • Extremely affordable (especially compared to the Pivit)
  • Simple to use
  • Works for most extension ladders
  • Portable due to light weight
  • Doesn’t work for stairs
  • The surface may be a bit slippery for the ladder foot

6. Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2 Ladders

This is designed mainly for use on stairs.

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide LA1 for Type 2 Ladders, The Safe and Easy Way to Work on Stairs

It’s very tough, as it’s rated to handle a weight of 900 pounds.

  • Simple setup
  • Weighs only 4 pounds
  • Very strong
  • It’s another extra item to carry
  • It doesn’t work for some ladders

7. Xtenda-Leg Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet

Now we’re back to the basic design of an extending foot at the side of the ladder.

Xtenda-Leg Ladder Levelers with Cleated Feet

Imagine a square with the corners folded—that’s basically the design of the bottom of the leveler. The leveler extends and then pivots so you can really set a secure footing.

  • You have claw feet on both sides of the ladder
  • It’s very secure
  • It extends down to 13 inches
  • If you’re using this indoors, get the optional rubber feet

8. Qualcraft 2475 Basemate Easy Connect Professional Ladder Stabilizer

This uses an arc at the bottom to set the stable platform for the ladder.

Qualcraft 2475 Basemate Easy Connect Professional Ladder Stabilizer

It works with ladders with widths ranging from 12 to 44 inches. It can also handle a weight of up to 1200 pounds.


  • Strong
  • Easy enough to attach after you figure it out
  • No need to modify or drill into the ladder
  • It’s very heavy
  • Can be hard to figure out at first

9. Werner Level Master Automatic Ladder Leveler

This gives you a leveler on each side, so you have 2 pf them.

Werner Level Master Automatic Ladder Leveler

They each extend 8.5 inches down and work very well on stairs. These can be attached to both fiberglass and aluminum ladders.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Can deal with 375 pounds of weight
  • Comes with hardware for convenient installment
  • Doesn’t have any certifications
  • A bit heavy at 10 pounds
  • Some may think it doesn’t extend farther down enough
  • Somewhat expensive

10. Little Giant Ladder Systems 12106 Leg Leveler

This designed to work with the Velocity, Xtreme, and Revolution ladder models from the Little Giant lineup.

Little Giant Ladder Systems 12106 Leg Leveler

You attach this to one side, and you can get an extra 11 inches of length for that side. It meets OSHA and ANSI standards and can handle 300 pounds.


  • Simple enough to use
  • Works with LG clones
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight at 2.2 pounds
  • It doesn’t work for many other ladders
  • Can be a bit complicated to install
  • Changing sides can also be a bit difficult

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