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Find Safest And Best Ladder Stabilizer for Your Home (2020)

One of the problems with ladders is that if they’re high enough to reach the gutter, it may not be secure and stable enough for you to feel safe.

That’s especially true when you suddenly have strong winds blowing around. But then you get the best ladder stabilizer and everything’s much better.

best ladder standoff stabilizer

A ladder stabilizer is an accessory you attach to a ladder, and it’s also called a “stand-off”. This is because it keeps the ladder from directly touching your roof and your gutter.

A ladder stabilizer is basically a set of wide tubular arms, and at the ends you have a non-slip pad to secure the placement on the roof or the house wall. This keeps the ladder from sliding at the top.

You just have to make sure that you use it properly. This means you need to follow the specific directions on how to attach it, and you shouldn’t step on it directly. You may hang some of your tools or even a can of paint on the arms, but that’s it.

Again, not all ladder stabilizers are the same. Some are better than others or are more suitable for your situation.

For example, it may be designed mainly for an aluminum ladder or for a fiberglass ladder. Some also have a fixed depth, while others offer an adjustable depth.

We have a dedicated article on best ladder for cleaning the gutter & best ladder leveler. You may find it useful.

Here are some examples:

Best Ladder Standoff Stabilizer for Cleaning Gutters:

1. Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer Review

This is the original stand-off that’s probably the most popular model in the US. If you’re not sure of what you need to get, just get this as it’s proven and time-tested.

Ladder Max Stand Off Stabilizer Reviews

It works for both fiberglass and aluminum ladders, along with articulating ladders. You just need to make sure that the ladder side rails are 11.75 inches wide, while the spacing of the rungs is 12 inches.

The ladder stabilizer also needs to rest on rungs with 2 inches of depth at the most.

This is easy enough to install, as it should take you about 10 minutes or so. It’s certified to comply with ANSI standards, and it’s actually designed specifically for roof access and for cleaning gutters.

Use this, and the ladder is conveniently 19 inches further back so you can clean the gutters easily.

This is made from steel with zinc plating, and you can attach or detach it easily with the zip ties. It also works with a tool and tray accessory as well.

  • Very stable
  • Quite strong
  • Can be used for fiberglass and aluminum ladders
  • Really protects the gutters
  • Rubber pads has a new design to prevent damage to shingles
  • Easy enough to assemble and install
  • The instructions for assembly aren’t clear for some people
  • Older models may damage the shingles
  • May not work with rungs deeper than 2 inches


2. (Best Option) Original Ladder-Max Stabilizer Reviews

This is the best ladder stabilizer package that’s specifically made for cleaning gutters.

Ladder Max Origianal Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle

Now if you’re buying a stabilizer for just this purpose, this is the package to get. Along with the stand-off, you also get tools that make it much easier for you to clean your gutters.

Here you get a scoop with a flexible tip, so you can scoop out the debris in the gutter without having to actually touch the stuff with your hands.

Then there’s the “grabber”, which has a blade shape that really cleans the gutter while you don’t move the ladder at all. There’s also a bucket hook so you have a place for a bucket to hold all the junk, instead of making a mess down on the ground.

There’s even an extension pole that measures 42 inches that extends your reach. You can actually access an extra 16-ft area of your gutter without having to go down and move the ladder again.

  • Makes cleaning the gutter a lot easier
  • You can also use the scoop for dog food
  • You’re paying extra, of course, for tools you only use 3 to 4 times a year


3. Werner Ladder Stabilizer Review 97P Adjustable True Grip

This is specifically designed to work with extension ladders. It really is adjustable, as the span of the arms can be set to range from 49 to 65 inches.

Werner 97P Adjustable True Grip Stabilizer and Surface Protectors for Extension Ladders

That makes it wide enough to go over double windows. You can also adjust the stand-off distance, so you can be 12 inches back or even 29.5 inches farther.

You can use this if your rails measure 3 inches by 1 and 3/16 inches. Your purchase comes with rubber pads along the mounting hardware.

  • Width can be adjusted
  • The stand-off distance can be adjusted as well
  • Works very well
  • The rubber pads are easily knocked off
  • You may want to put some silicon on the pads to make them really non-slip
  • A bit heavier than non-adjustable stabilizers

4. Ladder’s Little Helper

This is also designed to make sure you can use your ladder on your roof without damaging the gutters.

Ladders Little Helper stabilizer

Don’t worry about the quality, since unlike other stand-offs this one is actually made in the US.

It’s also versatile enough to fit most gutters and most ladders. Basically, if the ladder side rails are 18⅜ inches apart at the most, you can use Ladder’s Little Helper.

  • Terrific build quality with rigid plastic
  • Very stable and grippy
  • It’s designed to rest on the gutters itself instead of the roof


5. Little Giant 10111 Wing Span/Wall Standoff

Now this is extremely affordable, as it cost less than half that of the other stabilizers. It’s probably because it’s made in China, but that doesn’t mean it’s low in terms of quality.

Little Giant 10111 Wing Span Wall Standoff review

It’s actually very popular, with almost as many online customer reviews as the Ladder-Max. It does help that it bears the trusted and popular Little Giant brand.

This has a fixed design with a width of four feet (50 inches, to be exact) to really secure the ladder against a wall. The stand-off distance is 12 inches, so you have some nice separation from the gutters without being too far away. For many, it’s just right.

This works very well with Little Giant ladders, actually. It can work with some non-LG ladders, bit it may not work with non-LG ladders with rounded rungs. Some have found that it also works with Gorilla Ladders and Werner multi-type ladders.

  • Very affordable
  • Still good quality
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Very stable
  • May not be wide enough when working around windows
  • It doesn’t really lie flat on the roof, and that’s worrisome

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