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Best Rain Chains Any Homeowner Will Love

Looking to decorate your home while still being functional? These rain chains do just that.

Gutters are a thing of the past. Sure, they’re functional, but there’s more to life than just functionally.

Rain chains are used to replace standard downspouts for a more stylish alternative. The primary purpose of rain chains is to guide rainwater down from the roof of the house to the ground. In addition to its functionality, many buy rain chains as a water feature on their property.

Rain chains are not a new idea. They are a Japanese concept dating back hundreds of years. In fact, the Japanese used rain chains to guide rainwater into large barrels, which collects the household water supply. Rain chains are also in South America. It is here where it’s easier to use rain chains than a machined downspout.

Along with their capability of collecting and redirecting water, they are also able to enhance the beauty of your house. Choosing the right one without any information will be very difficult. To make things easier, we bring you a list of the best rain chains. Get the best of both worlds with these ten beautiful rain chains. After checking out these rain chains, you’ll hope that when it rains – it pours.

Check out these Best Rain Chains that any homeowner will love.


Top 4 Best Seller Rain Chains (Recommended)

Ancient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain Chain

Best Seller Rain Chains

One thing you will surely want in your rain chain is the decoration. A good-looking rain chain can be a good piece of decoration to the exterior of your house. Taking inspiration from nature, this one provides you an elegant lily-shaped look with copper cups making a soothing sound as the rain falls. 

Other than the looks, it has got some handy features as well.

Body Made Of Copper

A copper body in a rain chain offers a lot more than other materials. Copper has always been the traditional choice of material for rain chains. As they can put an appealing effect of the rain chain altogether. 

Comes With A Rain Gutter Attachment

You don’t need to have an additional rain gutter for this one. It comes with one in itself. So you won’t need to worry about getting an additional one and spend some extra bucks for the gutter attachment. 

Great On Looks 

This rain chain provides you with a great look at outdoor. With the inspiration of nature and lily-shaped cups, you get to have the perfect decoration. This suits very well on the garden or patio due to the multi-colored cups.

Longer Lasting Coating

It has got a durable powder coating on it. Even with heavy rain, the coating is able to hold up pretty well. As the rains fall on the cups, it makes the colors sparkle, offering a beautiful effect on it.


  • Easily attachable 
  • Comes with a gutter clip 
  • Value for money 


  • Doesn’t hold much water 

Monarch Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

monarch rain chainsIf your wish is to have a durable rain chain that lasts a lifetime, then Monarch has got the perfect one for you. This one can last for a long time without having any issues. 

The rain chain is made of copper with adjustable chains. With a standard height of 8.5 ft, this ensures a better flow of rainwater and better storage. 

It comes with an installation hanger for installing the rain chain. You don’t need to go through a lot of trouble for installing the rain chain.


  • Extends up to 8.5 ft 
  • The cups are wide with indented petal shapes
  • Hanger included
  • Durable quality
  • Wide variety of styles


  • Quite expensive
  • Signs of discoloration 

Short decision: The rain chain is built very beautifully. It can last for a long time and provide you a soothing experience of the rain all over.


Monarch Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

rain chain pros and consIn terms of rain chains, Monarch gives you many great products. Here is another one with a hammered cup. It provides a smooth flow of water to the ground. 

There is a gutter attachment included. This makes installing the rain chain a lot easier. 

As time passes by, you will see the rain chain getting a beautiful brown look. 

It comes with 15 cups with each cup size of 3.5-inch diameter. The rain chain is very durable as they are hammered; they already passed the endurance test.


  • Hammered cups give a unique look 
  • Rings are aligned in the center 
  • Durable
  • Direct flow of water 


  • Overpriced 
  • The design isn’t good enough

Short decision: If you want things made of hand then this can be your choice as the rain chains are hammered with hands


Pure Copper Rain Chain: Embossed Sunflower

best rain chains for heavy rainThe Embossed Sunflower rain chain not only makes your house look good but sounds good too. The copper chain creates a soothing rain sound as it guides water down away from your home. U-nitt says this style is elegant and functional. The company also says that it will add a focal point to your water garden. U-nitt copper rain chains are made from copper sheets with a gauge of 20-23.

The soothing rain sound coming from the cups calms your heart. As it ages, it gives a very natural patina look in the cups. There is almost no splashing of water from the cups.


  • You can make the chain shorter or longer
  • Easy installation
  • 100% pure copper
  • No hollow parts 
  • Durable 


  • Does not come with the drain spout at the top
  • Not effective in windy areas

Short decision: When you want to get out of that industrial looking rain chain, then this can be your choice.

Best Rain Chain  for Heavy Rain

Monarch Flat Aluminum Hammer Rain Chain

decorative gutter rain chainsLast but not least is the Monarch Flat Black powder coated rain chain. The chain consists of hammered cups that transports the water from the downspout. Monarch says this design has minimal water splashing.  The chain comes with a triangular gutter installation clip, which makes the installation for the typical homeowner easy and simple. Unlike other rain chains, there is minimal noise with this chain.


  • Water cascades down in a pleasing manner
  • Easy to install


  • Cups are not tall enough to handle large amounts of water


Rain Chains Direct Copper Square Link Rain Chain (8.5 FT)

rain chains directRain chains with a different look and better durability are like a dream. Well, this one has got it all. With the square box shape, you get a completely different feel of a rain chain.

Body made of copper gives you the durability you always ask for. Also, this one replaces the traditional gutter downspout bothering you all the time. 

It’s very easy to install and takes about minutes. 


  • Looks great 
  • Unique shape 
  • Solid copper construction 
  • Easy to install 


  • Expensive 
  • Lacks functionality 

Short decision: With a traditional copper body and color but a unique square shape, this is a great collection to have in your house.


Channel Rain Chain (Black)

 rain chains work in heavy rain

The Channel Rain Chain had a copper design that combines both cup and link styles. Rain Chains District describes this design as clean with contemporary and traditional architecture. This chain is made with high-quality aluminum and is powder-coated in Flat Black.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Installation is simple


  • Not all rainwater falls down the spout
  • You cannot easily combine two lengths of chains to create a longer one.


Ct Discount Store Decorative Iron Bird Rain Chain

commercial rain chainsThis one is a bit different than the other ones on the list. As it has got a full metal body with stronger durability.

Alongside its metal look, it has got cups with 4-inch diameter giving this a better scope for getting water. 

The water flow of this one is quite fast and makes a different kind of sound than other rain chains.


  • Body made of metal 
  • The fast flow of water 
  • Wider cups 
  • Perfect fit for homes 


  • The metal rusts after few rainfalls 
  • Needs extra chains 

Short decision: If you want to get out of that copper rain chain zone, then you can opt for this. This is one of the very best metal chains out there.


Decorative Iron Umbrella Rain Chain

umbrella rain chainsHere’s another rain chain that adds not only a pleasant yet functional decoration to the exterior of your home but pleasing noises as well. Sunflower Home and Garden says this chain is three times longer than typical rain chains, measuring at 8.5 feet. The company also says that this particular rain chain comes with a free adapter piece. Another perk is that the chain looks like copper, just without the price.


  • Looks as good as it does in the pictures
  • Looks like real copper


  • The umbrellas don’t hold much weight
  • Water splashes and leaves an orange residue that unless you wipe it off within 24 or so hours of the occurrence stains the paint

Best Stylish Rain Chains

Monarch Ring Rain Chain

monarch rain chainsThe Monarch Ring Rain Chain is probably the most glamorous looking rain chain on the list. The elegant rain chain is constructed with heavy-duty 9 gauge copper. If you’re wondering how big the rings are, Monarch says each one is 2 inches in diameter. Each ring is interlinked with a total of 57 links to create an 8.5-foot length chain. With age, this chain looks more and more beautiful. Oxidation will cause the copper to develop a darker patina.


  • Chain guides the water down the chain without the splashing
  • Installs in less than a minute


  • Circles are not consistent as shown, they are thin and flimsy


Modern Loop Rain Chain

modern rain chain Page navigationWith the most unique design in the list, this can spice up your backyard. This has got variety on looks from various angles. 

It has got a black coated finish giving it a nice and premium look all over. 

You don’t need any extra tools to assemble this one. As it takes only 12 minutes to assemble with bare hands.


  • Unconventional design 
  • Hand assembly no tools required 
  • Black coated aluminum look 
  • Adds an elegant look in the house 


  • Not functional 
  • Colour fades away soon 

Short decision: To get a great looking piece of rain chain with consideration in the functionality, then this is it. It looks way different than any other rain chain.

How to Install A Rain Chain


Final Verdict

There you go, we got you the complete list of the best rain chains. While it’s always better to have more options than less, it can be hard to choose. So if you’re looking to buy one of these fabulous and functional rain chains, try the Sunflower Home and Ancient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain Chain.

With this rain chain, what you see is what you get. At an affordable price, you get a functional rain chain that uses a Sunflower Home design to flow rainwater away from your home successfully. But according to us, the Ancient Graffiti Lily Cups Rain Chain is undoubtedly the best one. As it gives you value for money as well as great on performance

If you ended up buying one of these rain chains, take a picture and send it to us at our email.

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