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The brand name sure is memorable, and perhaps it’s why Gutter Helmet so popular.

But then again, it’s been around for 35 years, and it’s considered the first of the gutter guard systems.

It holds 7 different patents regarding gutter protection design, which tells you a lot about their commitment to innovation. In its website,

In this Gutter Helmet reviews we considers their brand the #1 gutter guard company in the US.

But how good is it really?  

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In-Depth Gutter Helmet Reviews:


  • Gutter Helmet started their research in the 1960, and found out how surface tension can work with rain water. Thus, they incorporate a “nose forward” design. Basically, the “helmet” extends from the roof and covers a bit past the gutter edge. However, the cover folds back towards the gutter, so that the rain water clings to the surface of the Gutter Helmet and gets into the gutter. The debris stays out of the cover to keep it cleaner.
  • The Gutter Helmet has a “PermaLife” finish. This consists of several layers which protects against corrosion, acid rain, saltwater, and fade. 
  • The water flows along a ribbed, textured surface. This optimizes the surface tension so that the water clings to the surface of the Gutter Helmet. At the same time, the surface design makes stronger to handle snow loads, heavy rainfall, and even strong wind. 
  • It’s made of reinforced aluminum alloy, so it should handle even squirrel bites and birds trying to nest underneath. The bracket has been engineered to bear the load and to resist corrosion. 
  • This comes with a lifetime warranty for material and performance. In addition, it’s transferable. 
  • There is also a “Helmet Heat” version that features a heating cable to prevent ice dams when snow and ice builds up. 

gutter helmet reviews

Things We Like

  • The warranty is great, and this Gutter Helmet will most likely last for a very long while. If you do have a problem with clogs, then Gutter Helmet sends people to fix the problem and to make adjustments to prevent any similar problems. 
  • Gutter Helmet probably won’t void your roof warranty either. All major roof manufacturers have approved of its use. 
  • The ribbed surface helps to keep the leaves from sticking to it. But even if they do stick, they’re aren’t blocking holes through which the water won’t be able to pass through. 
  • The lack of holes prevents any sort of debris (even needle-like leaves) to pass through. 
  • Meanwhile, the water flows without any obstruction. This has been rated to deal with up to 22 inches of rainfall per hour. 
  • It has a long history, which means that you can verify the claims. 

Things We Don’t Like

  • The design still has an inherent weakness that the rain may just bounce of the Gutter Helmet if it’s raining hard enough. The water then won’t get into the gutter and get to the ground instead. 
  • There’s still a space between the Gutter Helmet and the lip of the gutter. Through this space, small types of debris like seeds can enter and build up. This is why you still have to clean the gutter every now and then. 
  • It doesn’t work for some types of roofs. You may want to check, especially if you have a wooden, slate, tile, or steel roof. 

Coverage Area

Gutter Helmet is everywhere in the US. This makes sense as it’s been around forever. 


Professional installation is also a mandatory part of the deal. There’s no DIY option because you can void your roof warranty and the Gutter Helmet may not work properly. 

Cost Estimates

This will vary depending on several factors. In general, the material cost is about $14.50 per foot with labor costing $2 to $4 per foot. All in all, it won’t be unusual if the total cost is within a range of $2,475 to $3,700. 

Here are some factors that can affect the total cost:

  • The number of floors in your home
  • The number of corners in your gutter system
  • How steep the roof is
  • The total length of the gutters
  • The condition of the gutters (it may need extensive repairs or even a complete replacement)
  • The need for special equipment
  • The difficulty in accessing your gutters and your home

You can fill out an online form for a free quote at You can also call (800) 824-3772. When you call or visit the website, you can also inquire about the dealers in your area. 

What Makes Gutter Helmet Unique

gutter helmet vs leaf guardThe very simplicity of the design is terrific. It covers the gutter to keep out the debris, and the water clings to the Gutter Helmet surface to get into the gutter. It’s even rated to deal with 22 inches of rain per hour, and that’s unmatched in the industry. There’s really no need for extensive maintenance either. 

In this Gutter Helmet reviews we found this gutter guard is unique because it’s been in the industry since the beginning and it’s still here. The customer support is great, though ultimately, it’s all up to the dealer. The typical Gutter Helmet review is overwhelmingly positive, and you may end up with the same experience as many other users. 

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