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The Easy On Gutter Guard reviews suggest this product is effective but is it really as good as claimed? In this review, we will take a close look at this product and if it is really as good as advertised. If you have tried gutter guards before, you know they’re not built equally, so let’s find out if the Easy On is any good.

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The Easy On is a DIY gutter guard that’s designed to give maximum protection for your roof. According to the product advertisements, this gutter guard protection system works on any roof or gutter, and its installation is quick and easy. Let us take a look at its features and what makes this possible.

  • The Easy On Gutter Guard has a high-quality stainless steel microfiltration system. This system has been designed to give your roof maximum protection from dirt and debris.
  • Once the gutter guard is installed, it will filter out sand, pine needles and leaves, keeping your gutter free from dirt.
  • The gutter guard uses proprietary 3M VHB tape for the best bonding. Once in place, you don’t have to worry about making adjustments.
  • The gutter guard can be installed quickly, up to 30% faster compared to other guards.
  • The basic warranty lasts for 10 years. Register the product and the warranty is extended to 25 years.

There are a few more things we have point out: the gutter guard’s features lessen the need for excessive shaping and cutting. You just need a drill to screw the gutter guard on, and you don’t even need that if you use the 3M tape.

The fine mesh is durable, and unlike those on other gutter guards, they don’t have to worry about the roof getting clogged up grit or slit. The fact that the Easy On Gutter Guard is well-designed means it is less likely water will run through the gutter.

The feature set is impressive, but how good does the Gutter Guard install? And how does it perform in real-word situations?

easy on gutter guards reviews

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Installation and Performance

Installation is easy because there are several ways to do it. You can tape it on or use the self-tapping screws (included). You can even combine the two for further fortification.

Many opt to go with the screws as it seems more effective, but the 3M foam tape is actually pretty good. The adhesion is superb and can be used in different applications. It is easy to apply and it won’t damage the roof or void the warranty.

Another advantage of the 3M foam tape is its bonding. It doesn’t just bond, but the elastic properties mean the gutter guard adapts to heat and cold weather. One of the problems with other gutter guards is their inability to remain in place.

With the Easy On Gutter Guard 3M tape, you get a protective barrier for the different metals. With this in place, you don’t have to be concerned about galvanic corrosion, a common problem with certain gutters.

There are a lot of DIY gutter guards, but the Easy On is one of the best we have come across. The installation is easy, and both of the methods we have outlined here are both effective. Even those who don’t have experience with gutter guard installation can complete the installation in 2 hours or so.

A few reminders about the installation:

  • To get the most out of this, you have to clean the gutter first. If you want to the Gutter Guard to work, it must be free of pine needles, dirt, leaves, etc. The guard won’t be of much use if the gutter is already dirty. If you clean it first, the Gutter Guard will prevent clogging.
  • Follow the instructions on the manual. The guidelines are clear and there are pictures that show how to install the gutter guard.
  • Follow the instructions for joining sections. The images show how it works step by step, so use that as a guide to help you with the installation.

Overall, we are happy with the guide and installation. The manual is clear and shows you what needs to be done. One of the problems with other gutter guards is the user guide does not provide enough information and leads to confusion. With the Easy On, however, it’s crystal clear.

How Does the Easy On Gutter Guard Work?

Once you have installed the Easy On, the gutter guard will do the rest. As the rain pours on your roof and gutter, the rainwater permeates the stainless steel mesh. Since this is surgical grade material, rainwater goes in the gutter and exits via the downspout. The leaves, sand and other debris leave the gutter. With this gutter guard in place, your gutter doesn’t get cluttered.

The nice thing about the Easy On Gutter Guard is the stainless steel mesh works without a hitch. Leaves, dirt, and sand cannot pass through. This effect works whether you use the tape, screw or both. Going back to the tape, it has a double-sided adhesive for extra strength.

What all this means is the Easy On Gutter Guard does what it is supposed to do, guard your gutter. While gutters come in different forms, the problem of clogging is always present. But if you install this gutter guard, you can be confident of your roof even when there is a heavy downpour.

The Easy On Gutter Guard is available online and comes with all the information you’re looking for. A box is good enough for a 24’ section, and set up is quick. We have already described how easy the process is, but if that is not enough, there are videos that explain how to do this.

The Verdict

Cleaning gutters is no fun, and if it gets clogged with leaves and other debris, becomes a difficult chore. The Easy On Gutter Guard, however, lives up to the billing and does what it is supposed to. These gutter guards are nothing fancy, but as far as functionality goes, the Easy On Gutter Guard gets it done.

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