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How to Fix and Prevent Leaky Gutters

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It is kernel knowledge that we all need water to live, and without gutters on the eaves of our rooftops, it is impossible to harvest clean water for everyday use. The problem, however, is that sometimes our channels would become so dirty and mucked up preventing the free flow of freshwater to our storage facilities. There is, thus, the need to clean and repair our gutters on a regular basis. Cleaning gutters, sometimes, is easier said than done, but this article gives a deconstructed procedure of repairing and maintaining drains to ensure clean water harvesting.

How to Repair Leaking Gutters

One important factor about gutter repairing is to have the right paraphernalia that includes Silicone caulk and a caulk gun. The proper procedure is to unclip the gutter on its length, and once you have the best look of the hidden side of the trench, remove whatever dust that has lodged therein. Makes sure the area is spotless and dry before carefully applying silicone caulk and reassembling it back in order. Whatever silicone caulk that remains around the joints should be wiped away because too much of it might reduce its effectiveness.

how to fix a leaky gutter corner

Sometimes, the cause of leaking gutters might be because of a twist in the angle. It is advisable, therefore, to always make sure that the gutters are sloping harmoniously to allow for smooth flow of water. In a situation where the channel blocks, be it with leaves or mud, the channels tend to sag and make water to overflow. Constant monitoring is required to ensure that whatever is blocking the water is removed and the angle is adjusted.

Using the same gutters for a very extended period, as well, makes the iron to rust and eventually develop holes. There is the need to paint the gutter once purchased with a layer that will prevent contact between water and the trench thus avoiding rust-development. However, when the situation is extreme, it is always advisable to purchase new ones.

How to Fix Leaking Gutters Easy Step

How to Prevent the Gutters from Leaking

Prevention is better than cure, and the proper way to avoid incurring the cost of repairing your gutter is to have it in good condition always. If you have no idea how the whole thing goes, the following ideas might give you a clue:
Remove whatever lies on the surface of the gutter because they are the main agents that will lead to corrosion of the iron used in making the gutter. Cleaning them away on a weekly basis will avoid corrosion and save you a great deal.

how to repair damaged gutters
Secondly, rust being the main cause of the corrosion, there is the need to look for a way to deal with it. Using a wire brush, scratch away the rust and apply rust treatment on the surface and the rust is gone. However, this is just a procedure that is meant to reduce the intense amount of rust that will develop on irons because it is practically impossible to remove every bit of rust from our gutters. With the low intensity of rust, you are sure to have your gutters working for a reasonable length of time.

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