Basement Flooding- Check Out Before it Turns into Reality

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Water in your basement might be the last thing you want to ever see in your life. A smell of dampness even sends a chilling wave through your spine. Due to careless habits of homeowners while construction or maintenance of their houses, flooding basements or standing water in basements has become a common problem in the country. This water peeping into the house spoiling your interiors and flooring act as a catalyst for the growth of molds causing the problem to multifold times.

So are you pondering if you have committed any mistake or not and remembering if you have used waterproof options for everything or not as advised by your consultant? But what if you get to know that there are many causes of water entering your basement and you need to look for all the entry points to understand if your basement is safe or not.

Let’s check out some of the leading causes of basement flooding because the basement is one of the best spots in the house maybe as a room, or as a storage area.

Leading causes of basement flooding

  • Clogged gutter system- You might be sitting back and thinking that your extensions in your gutter systems and the water will always be flowing in an away direction from your house. But that’s not true, if you don’t have a gutter guard system, your gutter might have got clogged, because of which water might be overflowing towards the foundation. Or it might have swelled the walls of the basement, bursting into the basement through cracks or basement windows.basement flooding

Solution– Only a good gutter guard can save your basement and give you a sign of relief. Other than this you need to make sure with regular check-ups that there is no clogging in your gutter, as this can save your lot of money and time.


  • Bad drainage system installation– One very common reason is the misplacement of downspouts i.e. they are placed within 6ft closeness to the basement wall, because of which they start flowing towards the foundation.

Solution– Check properly that the gutter extensions are facing in the right direction and are at right distance from your house so that they is no chance water breaking into your house basement.

  • If you are feeling that problem of water entering your basement has become a daily headache in heavy rainfall then you need to check your basement ceiling and basement flooring. There is a very high probability that your basement tiles of the floor are placed lose, because of which water is getting space to penetrate.

Solution– Take good measures if the seal is loose at the earliest.

Final thoughts

The leading causes of basement flooding increase multiple times during heavy rainfall posing more danger to your house. You need to be smart enough to check all the faults and take measures on time like getting your gutter system cleaned or getting checked all the window leaks, floor leaks. You can use French drainage systems as they are highly recommended to the houses to shun away water.

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