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Gutter Alternative Rainhandler Reviews and Buying Guide

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Rainhandler from Save Time Corp. isn’t actually a gutter guard per se.

In fact, one expert referred to it as a “gutterless gutter”. Even Save Time calls the Rainhandler a “rain dispersal system” instead of referring to it as a gutter guard.

One demo of this had the homeowner removing the gutter and then replacing it with this. 

where to buy rainhandler?

Yet the typical Rainhandler review is quite positive. It does help that it’s been around for almost 3 decades, so they do know what they’re doing.

In fact, it was founded by an aeronautical engineer from MIT. They now have a total of 4 patents, which shows they’ve been doing innovative things when it comes to protecting your gutters


How Rainhandler Compares to Other Systems

Company NameRainhandler Leaf FilterLeaftek
Installation TypeDIYProfessionalDIY
Debris ProtectionLeaves, Pine needles Pine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtLeaves, Twigs, Pine Needles, Seeds
Protection TypeBraided plane surfaceMicro-mesh1/8' Holes system
Gutter CompatibilityFewAllAll
Warranty25 YearsLifetime/Transferable35 Years Warranty /
30 Days money back guarantee
Special FeatureSelf cleaningDiscounts availableHandle massive rainfalls
MaterialAluminumStainless steelAluminum
Overall Reputation3.7/5.04.5/5.04.5/5.0
DrawbackCostly optionLittle expensiveProvide less screws
More InformationMore InformationGet Free EstimationMore Details

Best Gutter Alternative

Rainhandler Reviews

Features Of Rainhandler

  • It comes with a louver design that turns the water back into raindrops. These are dispersed away from the home so they can drop into the places where you don’t mind rain water getting into. 
  • At the same time, this louver design doesn’t let leaves and debris accumulate, as the rain and the wind can just wash and blow them away. 
  • The design doesn’t have gutters, or downspouts, or splash blocks
  • You have -ft planks made of aluminum, and they’re available in white, brown, or “natural” color. Your purchase includes the necessary screws and brackets. 
  • You can install these yourself. 

rainhandler reviews

What We Like About Rainhandler

  • There’s no need for professional installation. 
  • If you don’t have any gutters, obviously there won’t be a need for gutter cleaning
  • You won’t have to clean this either, as it’s self-cleaning. The wind and water wash the debris away. 
  • This won’t rust. 
  • It’s maintenance-free. In the rare event something gets inside, a high-pressure nozzle on your garden hose can clean it out. These nozzles are available for a couple of dollars. 
  • It comes with a 25-year warranty. 
  • This works very well in winter, as the 3 brackets for each section can handle 95 pounds of load (such as snow). Put in 5 brackets and this weight goes to 150 pounds. Save Time will actually replace any damaged Rainhandler section if the damage is caused by winter. Such damage is really very rare. 
  • It’s practically invisible, without even downspouts to mar the look of your home. 

Drawbacks Of Rainhandler

  • You do have to do the installation yourself, or hire a subcontractor to do it. Hopefully, you get it right. 
  • There may be some issues with metal roofs and barrel tile roofs. However, you can buy some recommended accessories for these issues. 
  • You may have to buy drip edge extenders if the edge of the roof doesn’t extend far enough. If you also have a roof that extends too far, there are adapters you can also use. 
  • You may still be concerned that the water isn’t kicked out far enough away from the home foundation. 


Save Time sells these Rainhandler sections, along with extra brackets, screws, and accessories you may need. You can also call them for advice if you have problems. 

Cover Area

You can buy these wherever you may live, though it’s best if you buy it from their official website. 

Estimates Cost 

Each 5-ft section costs $21.90, so the overall cost will depend on the size of your home. There are no deliver charges if the cost exceeds $90. You do have to pay for a pro to do the job, which is a good option if your home has a 2nd or 3rd floor. 

What Makes This Unique

It’s unique because it doesn’t protect the gutter. It replaces the gutter instead. You get a system that doesn’t need a lot of cleaning at all, plus your home looks better. 

However, you do need to realize that this just pushes the water about 2 or 3 feet farther away from the home. That still may not be good enough for some homeowners. 

Final Verdict

Before anything else, let’s address 2 crucial matters:

Roof and Shingle Warranties

Quite a few of these gutter guards come with assurances telling you that using their products won’t void your roof warranty.

It’s best if you actually contact your insurance company to confirm that this is true. Your insurer may require professional installation and it may void the warranty if you do the installation yourself. 

Does Having a Gutter Guard Means No More Need to Clean the Roof Gutter?

The short answer is no. You still have to clean the roof gutter, preferably at least twice a year. Having a gutter guard just keeps your gutter from clogging as frequently as before, so it won’t clog in between these cleaning occasions. 

It’s possible that if you’re cleaning your roof gutter too frequently then you can cut that down to twice a year. In addition, when you do clean the gutter the work isn’t as serious and you won’t take as long. Cleaning the gutter can be a rather unpleasant job. A great gutter guard reduces the muck and shortens the job. 

So, which one should you choose? Each one, and each type, can come with its set of pros and cons. The choice is really up to you. It all depends on the types of conditions that apply to your case. 

For example, if you want something easy to deal with then a perforated aluminum gutter guard is a great choice. You won’t even have to clean it that often. 

On the other hand, if you have needlelike and small leaves that go through the perforations too often, you’re probably better off with a micromesh filter. 

You will need to take the cost into account as well. Some may be more affordable yet offer a level of performance that satisfies your needs. Ultimately, pick the one that works which fits your budget. 

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