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How Do I Take Care of My Bathroom?

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Who doesn’t like a clean bathroom? It is one of the most frequented places in your house. You visit it every day twice a day; first when you wake up and second before going to bed. A bathroom which is neat and tidy will give you a fresh feeling. But here’s the tricky part. As much as people love a clean bathroom, most of them cringe at the thought of cleaning it. It is often the most neglected area of your house. how to clean a bathroom step by step

Many of us in Frisco hire a plumber in Frisco to clean bathrooms. It is alright, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Taking care of the bathroom is simple and easy. You just have to be a little active and do it on a regular basis. Bathroom cleaning requires a couple of tools, a few techniques, and a good pair of rubber gloves. Of course, you will need will power too, but we figure since you are here, you already have it. So, we share with you some tips and techniques that will help you take care of your bathroom in a good way.

Regularity Is The Key:

First thing first, you need to take care of your bathroom on a regular basis. It could be daily, bi-weekly, weekly and fortnightly. Don’t make your bathroom wait for you to clean it for more than 15 days. It will be in a deep mess by then. You will have to make extra efforts and maybe buy extra stuff to clean it. We recommend cleaning your bathroom at least once a week in order to maintain it in an orderly way. 

Get Your Cleaning Gear:

To keep your bathroom tidy you will need some cleaning agents and wiping cloths. There can be two options here; you can buy the cleaning agents from the market or make them at home. Let’s look at both the options;

From The Market:

You can use any of the many bathroom cleaners available in the market. Go for them. If you use multi-purpose or all-purpose cleaners it’s even better as you do not have to buy more than one cleaner then. You can also try enzyme killers to clean the area around the toilet seat. It is also good to keep your bathroom fragrant. You can choose a variety of options here. From scented candles to incense to special perfumes made for this purpose. You will also need glass cleaners to keep your mirror and glass doors-if you have them, clean. You can use microfiber cloths to clean the floor, the countertop, shower tub, and the walls. Paper towels can come in handy too. You can use paper towels on the toilets too. And yes, do not forget a good pair of rubber gloves, as we mentioned earlier. 

DIY Home Remedies: 

Some people use DIY remedies to clean the surface of the bathrooms. Like you can mix baking soda with peroxide to make a cleaning agent for the bathroom. You can also use vinegar to clean the floor. Baking soda mixed with lemon is also a powerful cleaning agent. 

Get Going:

Now that you have got the required stuff to clean your bathroom, it’s time to take the plunge. First of all, you will have to remove all the things from your bathroom. There may be many unwanted things. Dirty clothes, books, and magazines, the skincare products that you no longer use or some old and expired stuff. It’s time to get rid of the trash and organize it. Clear your cabinet and the top of the sink counter of all the products. Once it is done, wipe it off with a dry cloth. You can use ordinary cotton cloth, a microfiber cloth, or a paper towel. Afterward, spray the top with the all-purpose cleaner and let it remain there for some time. Wipe the spray later with a cloth. Now, rearrange all the things that you removed for cleaning. You can use the same process to clean the floor, the walls, and the bathtub. Your bathroom will be as good as new.

Toilet Seat:

The toilet seat requires special care as it takes so much drubbing. You can start by first cleaning the seat, the lid, and even the base with a dry cloth. Then spray the entire seat with the toilet cleaner liquid. You should not forget to spray inside the sear and especially under the rim of the seat. That is where the water jets are located. They need to be cleaned of any bacteria or grime getting formed there. Use a tooth to reach the crevices and grooves where the cloth cannot go. This completes your toilet seating ritual. 

Some Tips:

  • Like we discussed earlier, the bathroom cleaning should be among your top to-do things. Try doing it on a regular and permanent basis.
  • Wipe off all the water from the walls around the shower area as soon as you are done. It will not form water stains and soap marks on the walls.
  • Do keep checking your bathroom cabinet from time to time. Keep throwing off things you no longer use or have finished their shelf life. De-clutter regularly.
  • If you share a bathroom with other people, try to divide the bathroom cleaning job. You can choose the cleaning rituals you like the most, and your partner can do the same. It will be a shared responsibility then.
  • Do keep getting the pipes and drains inspected by your plumber. The pipes get clogged and need to be cleared or changed. Look for any signs of dripping, clogging, or any loose connections and fix the problem. 
  • While cleaning bathrooms, experts suggest following a top-down approach. It means to start with the roof, the walls, and then come to the floor.


We hope our bathroom cleaning guide will help you maintain a clean bathroom, and you will start enjoying the process. 

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