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In-Depth Reviews of Bulldog Gutter Guard Protection Service

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Bulldog is a perforated aluminum insert that fits new and old gutters, and it’s available in sizes ideal for 5, 6, and 7-inch gutters.

When it rains, the holes let the water in, but these holes aren’t big enough to let in other debris like leaves and branches.

The birds and squirrels can’t nest in the gutters either, since the panel is 0.19 aluminum.

It’s tough enough that animals can’t chew through it. Conscientious consumers will also like that it 98% of the aluminum here is recycled aluminum.

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How Bulldog Compares to Other Gutter Protections

Company NameBulldogLeaf FilterLeaftek
Installation TypeProfessionalProfessionalDIY
Debris ProtectionLeaves, Birds nestPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtLeaves, Twigs, Pine Needles, Seeds
Protection TypePerforatedMicro-mesh1/8' Holes system
Gutter CompatibilityFewAllAll
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime/Transferable35 Years Warranty /
30 Days money back guarantee
Special FeatureInvisible from the groundHandle massive rainfalls
Made In USA
MaterialAluminumStainless steelAluminum
Overall Reputation3.9/5.04.5/5.04.5/5.0
DrawbackNot snowproofLittle expensiveProvide less screws
More InformationMore DetailsGet Free EstimationMore Details


Bulldog Gutter Guard ReviewIt’s basically a file-and-forget gutter guard, for at least the next 25 years. That’s how long the guarantee lasts for a clog-free gutter.

Exception in the rules is the leaf filter gutter guard which provide lifetime warranty.

You should, of course, clean it every now and then. But you can’t see it from the ground anyway.

This article is all about the bulldog gutter guard reviews, Here we will find why this gutter protection worth your attention.

Bulldog Gutter Guard Reviews (Features)

  • You may notice that the panel isn’t designed straight. It has a ribbed design. This means there is space between the debris (such as leaves) and the panel. The space lets breeze through to blow off the leaves from the panel and to keep them from blocking the holes. This is a huge benefit as leaves can obviously block the holes and keep the water from coming in.
  • The aluminum is also tough enough that the panels have been tested to deal with 14 inches of rain an hour. Aside from how animals can’t chew through it, this gutter guard has a lifetime warranty.
  • It also means there won’t be pooling rain water as the holes are able to deal with 14 inches of rain an hour.
  • Installers screw in the 6-ft panels to the gutters and fascia board. These panels won’t interfere with your roof shingles. It has special attachments to the front and rear to secure the whole gutter system.
  • These panels can be in white or in a dark bronze color to suit your design preference. Anyway, it doesn’t really change the look of your home since the gutter guard is basically invisible.
  • There’s really no need to do any special maintenance. Of course, it can get dirty as time passes but then some high-pressure water from a garden hose should take care of that every now and then.
  • The guarantee is that your gutter will be free of clogs for the next 25 years.


  • This is tough and will last a long while.
  • Very little maintenance is needed.
  • It should fit your gutters.
  • It can handle strong rains.
  • The ribbing allows for the leaves to be blown off by the wind.
  • You have a 25-year guarantee that your gutter won’t get clogged.


  • Some may feel that the coin-sized perforations are too large. Various types of debris can still get in, which is why micromesh filters are very popular. The debris that can get through can include shingle grit, and leaves shaped like needles.
  • Work may have to be done on your gutters to accommodate this gutter guard.
  • It’s not very well-known yet. This explains why it’s hard to find Bulldog gutter guard customer reviews. Even this gutter guard website doesn’t feature glowing reviews or any reviews for that matter.
  • This doesn’t prevent ice dams, but it doesn’t cause them either. At least it reduces the ice buildup that can lead to split seams in gutters and loose hangers.
  • There’s no mention that the 25-year guarantee is transferable, so you may want to ask about that.

bulldog gutter guard pine needles

Coverage Area

Again, this depends on whether there’s a dealer in your area. You can call 1-877-281-2700 to find out.


Professional installation is an additional service that’s actually a required. You can’t DIY.

Cost Estimates

Once more, you can call them at 1-877-281-2700 to find out the cost. It’s true that aluminum perforated gutter guards are in general more affordable with the micromesh filters. An estimate of about $800 isn’t unusual.

However, it actually depends on several factors. You may discuss the matter over the phone or through email, but an inspection will be necessary beforehand.

Factors that can affect the price include the condition of your roof and fascia and the linear footage required. The height of your home will also be noted, because if it’s too high then special equipment may have to be used.

Your gutters may even need some work done to get the gutter guard to fit.

What Makes Bulldog Unique

In this bulldog gutter guard reviews we talked about many features but It has certain features that other gutter guards have. However, it combines many of the great features into a single product.

You first just have to make sure that the perforations work for your case. This means you don’t have leaves shaped like needles that can get through the holes. If that’s the case, you’re good to go.

This means the perforations let in the water quickly enough so it doesn’t build up. The water drainage can deal with even 14 inches of rain per hour.

This gutter guard can work well enough that you might even forget about it. After all, with gutter guards (or even with gutters), you don’t notice them at all until something goes wrong with them.

This one should work well enough for many years to come, because there’s really nothing out there that can destroy it. The aluminum makes it hard enough to keep animals from chewing through it.

There’s even no need for special maintenance procedures. You can just clean it when you clean the gutter, and cleaning the gutter guard only needs a garden hose.

Even if it does get dirty, only the drones can tell. From the ground, you can’t even see it. You just know it works when you find your gutters remarkably free from debris when it’s time to clean them.

Of course, you do have to consider the disquieting lack of other customer reviews available. This may be because Bulldog Gutter Guard is rather new to the industry.

But the lack of feedback may be a matter of concern, especially after a longer time.

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