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What Makes Englert LeafGuard Ideal Among Leaf Guard Companies?

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LeafGuard is a unique gutter protection choice that may work at your home. The material developed by Englert and has been trusted by people around the United States for years.

The system has received the Good Housekeeping Seal for quality and is marketed as a long-lasting choice for your home that comes with a lifetime warranty. But is the Leaf Guard system useful for you?

How Does It compare with other systems?

 Leaf Guard vs Gutter Helmet vs Gutter Glove

Company NameGutter Helmet LeafGuard Gutters Gutter Glove
Installation TypeProfessionalProfessionalPRO and DIY
Debris ProtectionLeaves, Twigs, Dirt Pine needles and leavesLeaves, Pine needles, Roof grit
Protection TypeReverse curveReverse curveMicro-mesh
Gutter CompatibilityFewFewAll
WarrantyLifetime warrantyLifetime Warranty40 Years
Special FeatureDifferent colorsProtects against snowWork with any gutter
MaterialAluminumAluminumStainless steel
Overall Reputation4.1/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0
DrawbackNot compatible with some guttersCan't handle heavy rainfallsDifficult to install
More InformationMore DetailsMore Details More Details


 leaf guard gutter reviews

You’ll need to look at what you’re getting out of this gutter system if you want to make the most out of protecting your roof system.

The guide Leaf Guard Reviews will help you look at what is the system feature, not to mention how well it compares with other options of note for your needs.

If you look for a review of best gutter guard company, we got you covered. In that article you will get to know about different types of gutter guard and how you should choose the perfect one for your home.

Leaf Guard Reviews(Best Gutter):

The General Concept

The LeafGuard system operates with the goal of keeping buildups from entering your drainage system. The gutter guard works with liquid adhesion in mind.

The principle states that water will travel down and around its hood and then into the gutter. The design deflects leaves and debris from getting in the way of your space.

The design ensures that pine needles, leaves, and other items will slide off of the surface. The materials will deflect off of the main guard while the rain will adhere to the surface and eventually slip into the gutter. The gutter will remain comfortable and will not develop excess water.

The layout also needs only one piece for it to work. The simplified layout ensures you’ll produce an attractive arrangement that keeps the installation working in no time.

How Is It Installed?

The installation process for this gutter system works in moments.

The design uses a one-piece layout where a hood is built into the setup. The hood is not attached to any part of the surface but fits the main design you’ll be utilizing.

The design is produced quite well and works with a large gutter bottom. The layout can also work with 3 and 4-inch downspouts.

A professional can assist you with all the installation processes involved, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to get the material set up where you are.

How Much Coverage?

The coverage produced by the this gutter guard system ensures that your gutters will be free of pine needles, roofing tile grit, and other difficult to clean out materials.

The liquid adhesion process provides that such solid items will not become affixed to your surface.

Lifespan Point

Your LeafGuard system will last for years to come. The setup will ensure that your gutters will continue to look beautiful without worrying about paint chipping among other features.

The design also comes with a lifetime warranty. The people behind of this gutter are highly committed to ensuring that people who use the system will enjoy using it for life, hence the support for such an extensive warranty.

Full Customization Works

It comes in many colors to fit your house. You have various light and dark tones available to choose from when finding a useful setup.

The Leaf Guard website also offers a full design studio where you can simulate the appearance of your guard system. The design lets you figure out which option works best for your property.

Leaf Guard Reviews vs Leaf Filter

Leaf Guard vs Leaf Filter comparison

Company NameLeafGuard Gutters Leaf Filter
Installation TypeProfessionalProfessional
Debris ProtectionPine needles and leavesPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, Dirt
Protection TypeReverse curveMicro-mesh
Gutter CompatibilityFewAll
WarrantyLifetime WarrantyLifetime/Transferable
Special FeatureProtects against snowDiscounts available
MaterialAluminumStainless steel
Overall Reputation4.0/5.04.5/5.0
DrawbackCan't handle heavy rainfallsLittle expensive
More InformationMore Details Get Free Estimation

Comparison With Leaf Filter

One option that you might consider for your gutter protection needs besides Leaf Guard is Leaf Filter.

The two products sound similar and offer the same effort in keeping your gutters safe.

But there are a few things that make the two different from one another.

Design Points

→ The LeafFilter system uses a series of stainless steel mesh inserts that are produced at a slight angle to the roof of your house. The design allows pine needles and other items to flow off of your roof.

→ Meanwhile, the LeafGuard design uses a curved body that uses liquid adhesion to let water flow under the surface and towards the gutter while solid items will not slip in.


→ The installation of the Leaf Filter system is more intuitive with your roof. The design fits well in the body of the gutter and will not create anything that protrudes out of your roof.

The design also works alongside your roof tiles, thus keeping items from becoming stuck under the roofing surface.

→ The Leaf Guard design does well with securing itself to your roof and with allowing things to move off well.

However, the installation efforts require more control and added hardware, not to mention an extra amount of effort to make the surface work. The process may be too complicated for some homeowners.


→ The two gutter systems require different forms of maintenance. You would have to check under your Leaf Guard on occasion to see that the surface is working and that nothing is building up.

→ The Leaf Filter system is different in that the space is simple to clean off. You only need a brush or other material to clean off the surface.

But even then, you should be cautious when making this work so you will not put anything in your system at risk of harm.

To know details about the leaf filter gutter guard system you can click here.


In this LeafGuard reviews, The system is intriguing to see for when you need a quality gutter guard for your home.

But be sure you look around well at different options so you can find something that does well for your property and adds a great touch.

You’ll love the way how you can keep the gutters at your property protected when you find an appropriate choice for protection that ensures your space works under control without harm.

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