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Gutter Logic Gutter Protection Brand Reviews

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It does make a certain kind of sense to pick Gutter Logic to protect your roof gutter Dome. They’ve been around for more than 2 decades now, and they’re still going strong. 

In this gutter logic reviews, we will cover everything about this company. Their pro’s & con’s, how they work, key feature and coverage area.

How Gutter Logic Compares to Others Systems

Company NameLeaf FilterEasy On Gutter Logic
Installation TypeProfessionalDIYPRO and DIY
Debris ProtectionPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtLeaves, Pine Needles, Shingle Grit
Protection TypeMicro-meshScreen-meshMicro-mesh
Gutter CompatibilityAllAllAll
WarrantyLifetime/Transferable25 Years30 Years
Special FeatureDiscounts availableEasy to maintainResists corrosion very well
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelAluminum
Overall Reputation4.5/5.04.0/5.04.0/5.0
DrawbackLittle expensiveCould cause ice clogsPoor customer service
More InformationGet Free EstimationMore Details More Details

In Depth Reviews of Gutter Logic

Gutter Logic Review


  • The gutter guard is made from 6063 extruded aluminum that’s military-grade. It’s been tempered to T5, which means heating it first to 980 degrees F for about 60 minutes. After it’s been quenched in water, it’s then heat-treated at a range of 325 to 400 degrees F. All these steps make the alloy quite strong. 
  • Afterwards, It applies a clear anodized finish coating for durability and resistance against corrosion.
  • It works using a micro mesh to let the water in while it keeps the debris out. 
  • It’s called Gutter Dome due to the dome shape. The reasoning behind this shape is simple—you’re less likely to have debris building up on top of your gutter guard. 
  • It can fit many types of gutter systems, from 4 to 7-inch gutters. 
  • There’s also a Gutter Dome Adjustable version if the guard can’t be tucked under the roofing material. This works with systems like the Clynch Channel fastening system. 
  • If ice dams are a problem, there’s also the option for the Gutter Dome Magma. This has an integrated heat trace cable to melt snow and ice to prevent ice dams. 

Things We Like

  • It’s very strong, so it can last a long while and keep animals from chewing it off. 
  • It resists corrosion very well, so it won’t look old after just a few years. Instead, it’ll still look (and work) like new. 
  • This can really minimize your gutter cleaning, even if you stick to the twice-a-year schedule. When you do decide to clean the gutter, you’ll find that there’s not much really to clean at all. 
  • It comes with a transferable 30-year warranty. 
  • The service people are almost always polite and professional.

Logic Gutter Cost


  • Some of the complaints mention how the installation can take longer than the estimated time. However, many of these complaints do note that the installers continued to work after dark to finish the job.
  • These aren’t available in many areas. It’s basically just in 4 states. 
  • The customer support isn’t very supportive and communicative at all, according to some complaints. 



They offers a sensible range of services aside from installing their Gutter Dome. They also clean, repair, and install gutters. This helps when your gutters need to be modified to accommodate the Gutter Dome protection. 

Their gutter guards have received quite a bit of acclaim, with various awards especially in recent years. The many Gutter Logic reviews have mostly been positive, with about 73% of the hundreds of reviews giving it perfect marks. 

Cover Areas

Their services are available in the following areas:

  • Ohio (Northeast, including Cleveland and Akron)
  • California (Northern part, including Sacramento and San Francisco)
  • New York (Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo)
  • Texas (Including Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas areas)


This can be a bit expensive. The materials are top-grade, plus you’ll have to cover the labor costs necessary to install the Gutter Dome. Beforehand, they will also have to clean, realign, and make some repairs on your gutters. 

What Makes Gutter Logic Unique

gutter protection companiesThey offers a wide variety of services including gutter cleaning and repair, and it’s logical that they’d go into the gutter protection business. Their Gutter Dome is very good, and effective in doing what it’s supposed to do. 

It’s so good that Gutter Logic even says you don’t need to clean your gutter ever again, although it’s best that you treat this is advertising hyperbole. Nonetheless, they may only be in a few states but some people might wish that they’re available in their area.

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