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What Makes the Leaf Filter Gutter Protection System Work For Your Property?

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You have many choices to work with when it comes to finding a gutter guard system that can help keep your space looking attractive.

In this leaf filter gutter guard reviews we will tell you why this gutter guard option is one that you can consider for your home.

The system works with a design that goes well in your gutter system and ensures that only water will move through your gutters.

leaf filter gutter protection reviews

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The unique design of this makes it an intriguing option for your space.

You will have to watch for a few things surrounding the quality of your gutter setup if you want to make it work well enough.

How It Compares to Other Systems

Company NameLeaf FilterLeafGuard Gutters Gutter Helmet
Installation TypeProfessionalProfessionalProfessional
Debris ProtectionPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtPine needles and leavesLeaves, Twigs, Dirt
Protection TypeMicro-meshReverse curveReverse curve
Gutter CompatibilityAllFewFew
WarrantyLifetime/TransferableLifetime WarrantyLifetime warranty
Special FeatureDiscounts availableProtects against snowDifferent colors
MaterialStainless steelAluminumAluminum
Overall Reputation4.5/5.04.0/5.04.1/5.0
DrawbackLittle expensiveCan't handle heavy rainfallsNot compatible with some gutters
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Leaf Filter Gutter Guard Reviews- Best Gutter Protection

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What Is LeafFilter?

Leaf Filter is a popular choice for gutter guards that have been utilized by more than 200,000 people around most parts of the United States.

It operates as a material that snaps to your existing gutter space. The design will look well in your gutter and prevent solid debris from getting in your gutters.

This works particularly well for properties that have plenty of trees around them, especially places with pine trees.

The filter prevents pine needles, leaves, roofing tile grain bits, and other things from getting in your gutter system. The design prevents your property from experiencing backups in your home’s drainage system.

The Main Functionality

The key part of this gutter system is that it entails the use of surface tension to keep items from getting in the way of your space.

The Leaf Filter system causes water to flow through a micromesh screen that the setup comes with. The screen ensures that no solid items will go through your filter.

An 11-degree angle pitch works as well. The design ensures that debris can be quick to shed while water will continue to move through. The full seal will also see your home is protected from debris that might get in the way.

A Firm Body

The surgical grade stainless steel mesh body on the setup will keep debris from entering your gutter. The layout will not corrode or rust either, thus ensuring you’ll have a material that can last for years.

Meanwhile, a uPVC surface features prominently on the body. The design goes over the micromesh surface. The frame will near wear our or warp over time. You can trust this gutter system even when it is very hot or cold out.

How Well Can It Be Installed?

The design of the Leaf Filter system ensures that you can get the surface installed quite well. You can get a professional to help you with measuring the setup based on how long or wide your gutter is.

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After that, the installer will use a series of structural hangers. The hangers will keep the gutter in place and will link directly to your fascia board. The hangers are hidden under the mesh guard as the installation goes through.

The design of this system ensures that the guard will stay over the entire surface of your gutter setup. You will not have to worry about any leaks.

Also, the slight pitch on this particular gutter layout ensures that you’ll have the proper layout that you want.

Are There Any Problems?

As useful as the Leaf Filter system can be, there are a few concerns to note.

To start, you would have to clean the guard every once in a while. You would not have to clean it off anywhere near as often as when you’d have to clean off the gutters without a guard, but the effort works for cases where leaves or pine needles or other items potentially stick.

Also, your installer may struggle to get the filter installed on some curved spots around your gutter system.

There’s always the potential for pests to get on your gutter guard and add weight to the space too, although they’re not going to build nests on your surface.

Looking At LeafFilter Versus MasterShield

Company NameLeaf FilterMasterShield
Installation TypeProfessionalProfessional
Debris ProtectionPine Needles, Shingle Grit, Pollen, DirtPine Needles, Leaves, Shingle Grit
Protection TypeMicro-meshMicro-mesh
Gutter CompatibilityAllAll
WarrantyLifetime/TransferableLifetime Warranty
Special FeatureDiscounts availableInvisible from the ground
MaterialStainless steelCopper & stainless steel
Overall Reputation4.5/5.04.0/5.0
DrawbackLittle expensiveNot clear refund policy
More InformationGet Free EstimationMore Information

You have many other options to consider when it comes to a gutter guard. MasterShield is one of those options.

But what makes LeafFilter different from the MasterShield setup?

leaf filter vs mastershield reviews

The General Layout

You will notice that, it has a flat layout. The mesh shield ensures the water will move through the guard quite well.

Meanwhile, the Master Shield layout uses a grooved surface that allows water to move through in moments. The flat layout of the Leaf Filter system may work best in that the option provides a smooth surface for water to enter.

General Openings

The end part of the Master Shield system uses a small opening. The opening is utilized for when you need to clean off the area inside of the gutter.

The design may work well for ensuring nothing builds up in that space, but this still means that leaves or pine needles or other solid items could get in the way.

The full security that comes with this gutter guard ensures nothing will slip through your gutter.


The profile on this layout is nowhere near as noticeable as what the Master Shield option has.

Master Shield tends to protrude a little too far out from the rest of the surface.

Ice Support

The Leaf Filter design works well with handling ice and snow.

The surface allows ice to move off quite well, thus ensuring it will not build up around your gutter.

The Master Shield setup works a little differently in that it offers a heated surface that may work better with melting off any ice that can come about.

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A Final Word

You will love the way how the Leaf Filter system works for when you need assistance with producing a better guard for your gutters.

You should review how the system works for your property and that you have a choice for protection that you will appreciate having where you are.

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