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Leaf Filter Gutter Guards Review

Every fall homeowners dread looking into their gutters. They know what they will find when they do and they do not want to have to deal with another homeowner chore.

leaf filter gutter protection reviews

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Every autumn it is the same thing for most homeowners, who do not have gutter guard protection. They have to clean out the gutters that have become cluttered and clogged with falling leaves and other debris.

Cleaning the gutters can be a nasty and time-consuming chore. The ladder and hose need to be dragged out, hooked up and put in place. Then finding all the tools, you need to do the job right just takes too much time not to mention the constant climbing up and down the ladder then moving it to its new location when you finished one section of the gutter.  Plus the fear of falling off the ladder does not make cleaning the gutters a wonderful job. Rather it is a job that many homeowners wish they could avoid.But there is help for the homeowner.

What Are Leaf Filter Gutter Guards?

Leaf Filter Gutter guards save you from that dirty chore. These gutter guards protect you and your home from clogged gutters that may overflow and damage the siding to your home.  Falling leaves and other debris get into your gutter clogging them up and do not allow the water to drain properly. Leaf Filter Gutter guards keep the leaves and other debris out of your gutter so they can do their job and drain the rainwater.

These guards attach directly to your gutters leaving no gaps or spaces for small debris, even pine needles, to enter your gutters and clog them up. It is a completely closed system that protects your home and roof from any damage due to clogging.

Leaf Filter Gutter Guards Pros And Cons:


  • No holes, gaps or other openings—you can’t keep leaves and debris out if you have gaps in your protection system
  • Won’t affect your roof warranty— your roof warranty is valuable and protects your home. Check what it says before hiring any gutter guard installer.
  • Installs on existing gutters, no need to buy new ones- There is no need to pay more for keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters than you have to. Don’t empty your bank account to avoid this ugly chore
  • Clog-free guarantee- There is nothing better than having a guarantee back up the work you paid for. Get the peace of mind and make sure you buy the best system possible.
  • Lifetime warranty- Another way to get peace of mind is to make sure you receive a lifetime warranty on the product you buy especially if it I was done that will save you time and money.
  • Maintenance free- This helps you concentrate on those chores you like to do. It also makes sure you have both the time and money to do those other chores.


  • Customer service problems

Leaf Filter Warranty

The company offers an innovative and creative lifetime warranty for its product.  That may not sound like an innovative or creative warranty, but there is more. The warranty is transferable to the new owner if a homeowner decides to sell their home. The new homeowner can relax and be worry-free times as the Leaf Filter gutter protection is working for them just like it did for the previous owner.

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Leaf Filter vs. Leaf Guard

Numerous gutter protection manufacturers are making their different claims. The best way to shop is by making comparisons with similar products on the market. Here is one comparison that will help convince you to go with Leaf Filter:

Leaf Guard

  1. Reverse curve gutter guard system –
  2. Leaves a gap between the protection system and the gutter
  3. Debris and leaves still can enter the gutter
  4. Gutter still needs maintenance and cleaning
  5. Replacing old gutters is mandatory when installing

Leaf Filter

  1. Micro-mesh system that covers the existing gutter
  2. No gaps or openings that allow debris to enter in
  3. No debris enters your gutters even at the downspout
  4. No more maintenance or cleaning
  5. Attaches to existing gutters, there is no need to replace them

Leaf Filter gutter guard protection is second to none. Make your comparisons and see why Leaf Filter is the best system for your home.
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Leaf Filter Verified Customer Reviews:

Check out the following buyer’s reviews to see what homeowners have to say about Leaf Filter :


  1. A very professional job installed correctly and no misrepresentation. This gutter system is a Hurricane Harvey survivor, and it came through with flying colors.
  2. I am glad the installation of gutter guards make gutters maintenance free. I do not have to worry about that nasty chore ever again. Leaf Filter was installed professionally and correctly.
  3. They say you get what you pay for which is why we are glad we spent the extra money to have Leaf Filter mesh guard attached to our gutters. It was money well spent, and we received a superior product with top-notch professional service. I will never have to go on a ladder again to clean my gutters.
  4. We had what we thought were bird nest problems but when we had the old gutter guards replaced by Leaf Filter, we saw it was a beehive problem instead. After fixing that issue, Leaf Filter installed their gutter guards then came back two weeks later to check to see how things were going. We could not be happier with the service provided by Leaf Filter.
  5. Haven’t fully experienced the Leaf Filter gutter guard system yet, they have only been recently installed, but I am glad that I do not have to climb a ladder ever again.
  6. We are glad that Leaf Filter’s lifetime warranty is taken seriously. We found a leak and called the company. They scheduled an appointment for one of their techs to come out to check it. He arrived on time on the appointed day and fixed the leak. It was great, courteous, timely service as we have had several hard spots of rain after that but no leaks.

***We would not be honest if we did not include negative reviews as well***


  1. Very high pressure and rude salespeople. He didn’t know what he was talking about when he made negative comments about our roof and tried to enter our home without permission

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A Few Final Words

Don’t let the bad apples stop you from getting the best gutter protection for your home. Leaf Filter gutter guard protection is the best you will find on the market today. Coupled with their lifetime transferable warranty, you will hardly be able to find a competitor to match their service.

Read the Leaf Filter reviews and decide for yourself. If your home does not have good gutter protection, then it is time to investigate and see the Leaf Filter gutter protection difference.

Spare yourself from that nasty, dangerous chore of cleaning out the gutters. Get good gutter protection and earn some peace of mind. Think about it, no more climbing ladders, no more juggling the hose and other tools you need to clean the gutter. Call Leaf Filter today and get your quote from the professionals who care about your home as much as you do.

Your home is worth the extra protection. Make the call now and enjoy your Fall season worry-free. No more maintenance means you have more time and money to do the projects you want to work on.

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