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DIY for Your Own Gutter Garden

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If a person likes gardening, he will find numerous unutilized spaces to grow plants. One such place is the gutter. I adore the person who developed the idea of growing plants in the gutter and gives an exotic look to the home. A perfectly lined plant in the gutter looks as beautiful as they can. When creativity meets technology, result shines. So is the case with creating a gutter garden. One can also execute some lucrative work by growing vegetables in the gutter. Along with vegetables, some annuals can also be used to brighten up your fence or garden walls.
Let’s take an insight as for how to create a gutter garden in simple and easy DIY steps.

1. The foremost step in creating the gutter garden is to find a suitable guttering. If you have your spare gutter, it is good enough. But if you don’t, you can ask the neighbors or friends for the same. You can also get it from stores.

2. The next step is to clean the gutter thoroughly, making it free from all sorts of filth and dirt. Since we are going to put soil in the gutter, the presence of possible harmful bacteria may hamper the soil structure. It would later alter the plant growth. So make sure the gutter is well clean beforehand.

3. This step is for creative enthusiasts. You can paint the outside of gutter in vivid colors and make it more appealing. The additional benefit of painting is it would protect the gutter from external stresses like storm or rain. One can make use of contrasting or matching colors from fence or walls.

how to create gutter garden

4. Now cut the gutter into desirable sizes. It’s a good idea to measure the size in the fence or garden wall in advance and then cut gutters as required. Later, take the drilling machine and drill small holes down the length of gutter. These holes will work as a drainage system whenever an excess of water accumulate due to rain or while watering the plants. It would make the plants get just the required amount of water for sustenance.

5. Since now the gutter is ready you can attach them to the suitable place. Either you have selected the fence or the garden wall, make sure that it gets sufficient sunlight during the day. Shelter from the wind in another important thing to consider. Take the guttering and mark the spots where you need to place them. Drill holes and with the use of screws, attach them to their spots. Make it tight enough to prevent falling after putting the soil.

6. It’s time to add soil into the firmly attached gutters. Put suitable soil into the gutter and fill it up to three-quarters of the space. The remaining portion is needed by the plant to grow. Adding fertilizers improves the soil quality and will boost up the plant growth so you can opt for it as well. You can consult some agriculturist to know which fertilizer will go well with your opted plants.

7. Since guttering is never deep, therefore shallow rooted plants are found to be most suitable to grow in them. Some examples of shallow rooted plants are:

  • Lettuce, Salad Greens and Asian Greens
  • Spinach and Mustard
  • Radish and other small root vegetables like carrots or beets
  • Strawberries
  • Snap peas
  • Chives, Garlic and Bunching Onions
  • Mint
  • Marjoram and Thyme

8. Once you have planted saplings or seeds in the gutters, maintain them with proper care. Check out for weeds and do not forget to water your plants. Since the shallow rooters tend to get dried out very quickly, therefore they need a lot of inspection for timely watering. If watering looks tedious to you, opt out for drip irrigation method.
Making a gutter garden will not only cost less but also gives a lively and vivacious look to your yard. The extra perk is you can have the pleasure of getting fresh vegetables from your garden. So creating a gutter garden is not just artistic but economic as well. Give it a try, and I am sure people will go awestruck with your gutter garden in the yard.

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