Finding the Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

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Pine trees are beautiful for offering a rustic look to any space. The trees can also frame a property quite well. But even then, you’re going to bear with plenty of pine needles coming off of such a tree on occasion.

With so many gutter guard systems on the market, it’s crucial for homeowners to understand the pros and cons of each type. Well, check out our Best Gutter guard reviews for Pine Needles.

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Why Need Protection for Pine Needles

All these pine needles are annoying for how pointy they are and for how difficult they are to clean off of a lawn. Even worse, pine needles can get in your home’s gutters. The gutters can become clogged up if you don’t clean out those pine needles on occasion. Sometimes the needles can become plentiful enough to where the gutters will be weighed down, thus causing undue pressure to develop on your drainage system.

best gutter guards pine needles

With these threats in mind, you’ll have to look at what you can find when protecting your gutters. There are many gutter guards for pine needles that you will love to utilize.

This guide will help you find various gutter guards that can work for your property. These include effective guards that are simple in operation and ensure your home’s drainage system will stay protected.

You will also learn about a few professional installation companies in this guide. These include companies dedicated to handling your gutter installation needs. These companies can help you with measuring your space and figure out what might work for when you need something new.

Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

best gutter guard for pine needlesRaptor Gutter GuardEditor’s Choice25 YearsMicro-Mesh
best gutter guard for pine needlesGutterStuff K-Style Foam Gutter FilterUV-protected and Best Foam Gutter Guard for Pine Needles3 Years LimitedFoam Insert
best gutter guard for pine needlesAmerimax Gutter GuardBest for Budget Pick and Easy to InstallN/AMicro-Mesh Snap in Filter
best gutter guard for pine needlesLeaf FilterWorks With Any Existing Gutter and Best Gutter Guard for Pine Needles LifetimeMicro-Mesh

Raptor Gutter Guard

diy gutter guards for pine needlesYour first choice to consider is the Raptor Gutter Guard. Raptor makes this guard with a stainless steel micro mesh body. The micromesh filters on this guard will clear out even the smallest bits of debris. This works well for pine needles, but it also prevents roof grit and pests from entering your gutters.

The stainless steel materials that Raptor uses in its gutter guards are much more powerful than what you’d find elsewhere. The problem with many traditional guards is that they are made with aluminum or plastic materials that can crack, develop mold, or otherwise collapse from the excess weight. The stainless steel surface on the Raptor guard is much more effective than what you might notice elsewhere. The Raptor guard will not develop rust either.

The installation process for getting the guard ready is simple to follow. All the hardware needed for installing the guard comes in your set. These include corrosion-resistant screws and a magnetic hex head driver to help you get everything in its place.

Raptor makes its gutter guard in two forms. The standard version is for gutters that are 5 inches wide or small. The Super version is for wide gutters that are 6 to 7 inches wide. These gutter guards will not void your roof warranty regardless of what you choose.

The guard is also provided to you with a 48-foot layout. That is, you will get 48 feet of gutter coverage in every box regardless of how wide the setup is. This total should be good enough to provide you with the extra help you need for keeping your gutter safe.

A slightly slanted cover can be work at the top. The pitch will allow the pine needles and other things that get on the surface to fall off.

GutterStuff  K-Style Foam Gutter Filter

best gutter protection from pine needlesYour second choice for a gutter guard for pine needles is this GutterStuff insert. The guard keeps pine needles and many small items from entering your gutter with a unique mechanism.

The gutter filter insert gets in your space with the flat body on the end surrounding your home. A slanted layout will go from the bottom to the top. The design ensures that water will continue to move through your gutter as planned. But the greatest point is that the foam insert will allow the water to seep through while pine needles, roof grit, leaves, and other items will not move into the surface.

The insert is designed to fit a 4-inch K-style gutter. The K-style layout features a few curves moving along a straight line. The layout allows things to flow through with ease. The odds are you probably have a K-style gutter at your home, so you should not struggle with getting this gutter insert applied. Also, GutterStuff makes 5 and 6-inch versions of the foam insert, so you should have coverage regardless of how well your insert works.

A UV protectant appears on the body of the insert. The coverage ensures that the insert will not prematurely age.

You will have to watch for how you maintain the insert. The GutterStuff insert does not require any tools for installation. You’ll also get 32 feet of insert material to work with during the installation process, although there are also 144 and 192-foot options for you to order as well. But you must look at how you might have to trim the insert to fit specific spots around your gutter.

Also, you might need to use some fasteners to ensure the material stays in place. You’d have to check the insert on occasion to see if the space is working well too, although you should not have to check it anywhere near as often as what you’d do if nothing were in the gutter.

Amerimax Gutter Guard

micro mesh gutter guard pine needlesYou can cover an extensive amount of gutter space without worrying about gaps when you use the Amerimax Home Products gutter guard. The design of the guard features a sturdy PVC material that will last for years to come.

The installation process for this gutter guard entails the use of many 3-foot PVC guards. These guards are compatible with 4, 5, and 6-inch metal K-style gutters. A single carton of the Amerimax product comes with 25 3-foot pieces. The snap-in style of each piece ensures that you can keep the gutter guard in its place while also allowing individual pieces to connect. The layout provides you can get this to work with gutters of all lengths.

The mesh body ensures you can collect fine debris with ease. The unit must be installed with the filter facing the sky for the best results. The good news is that the design is easy to distinguish and ensures you’ll have the best coverage for your gutter.

You would have to measure the size of your gutter system first. Amerimax recommends that you get two cartons of material on hand. The reasoning is that the average home has about 150 feet of gutter space.

The material only comes in a white color as well. Fortunately, the white tone matches up with most gutter systems.

MasterShield Gutter Protection

best gutter covers for pine needlesNow that you have read about a few DIY options, let’s look at two professional groups that can assist you with your gutter protection needs. The first is MasterShield, a group that helps with producing outstanding gutter shields that will keep pine needles from entering.

The ultra-fine surfaces on MasterShield’s gutters ensure that pine needles and other bits of debris will never move through. Only the water that comes from rain or snow will push through, thus seeing you can keep your gutters from taking in too much weight.

MasterShield does not install its gutter guards flat. Instead, the gutters are installed as close to the pitch of the roof as possible. This is to ensure debris is not going to build up. The most important point is that pine needles are not going to stick to the surface, thus ensuring you will have more coverage. The guards will also stay in contact with the roof shingles, thus keeping pine needles from possible building up under the shingles.

The MasterShield gutter protection setups are available in various color tones to fit your property’s style. These include basic white and eggshell as well as scotch red, copper, forest green, and musket brown among other styles. Don’t forget that MasterShield can measure your gutters and figure out precisely how long the material should be.


how to keep pine needles out of guttersLeafFilter is another option to find when looking for a helpful gutter guard professional. The LeafFilter design is installed with a firm body over your existing gutter to keep pine needles and other stuff from getting in the way.

A slight pitch is protected on the LeafFilter body to allow pine needles and other debris to slide off. The micromesh stainless steel filter ensures those needles will not move through. Surface tension runs the water through the screen, thus seeing only the rain will go through the filter and nothing else.

The firm stainless steel body will never corrode or rust. The surface also prevents items from sticking to its body. These include pine needles that might be covered in sap or other sticky things produced by the tree that the needles came off. The PVC ends also keep the filter in its place without the surface warping or cracking due to various changes in the temperatures around your space. The structural hangers that come with the filter also link to your fascia board, thus keeping the surface secure and unlikely to slip out.

The people at LeafFilter can measure your gutter guard to fit your specific space. You can be ensured that your surface will go over the right area.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Gutter Guards for Pine Needles

raptor gutter guard

So what factors should you consider for your gutter guard if you have pine trees around your home? It’s not just about the price:

The size of gaps: 

Obviously, you can’t just block your gutter with some solid piece of material since that will render the gutter useless. This means you need some sort of screen for your gutter, which should have openings large enough to let the water into the gutter as intended.

However, you need smaller openings for your gutter guard so that the pine needles can’t get through. These small openings should also be small enough to block other small leaves, shingle grit, and other types of debris out of your gutter.

Type of material: 

The material used for the gutter guard also matters for several reasons. You need to make sure that it is tough enough so that debris doesn’t cause it to sag. That can cause debris to collect on the guard and keep the water out of the gutter. Also, the collected debris makes it harder and more time-consuming for you to clean your gutter.

Also, some materials are sticky for debris such as leaves that can block the openings of the gutter guard to keep out the water. Some types of debris such as dirt and grit can also get stuck in the gutter guard holes so they will block the water from getting into the gutter.

Often the best material for gutter guards is stainless steel. It’s not as weak or as sticky as plastic, and it shouldn’t rust or have problems with UV rays. They should last long and work longer and more effectively.

Installation Method: 

Of course, it makes sense for you to pick a gutter guard that’s easy to put up. Also, this makes your job of cleaning the roof gutter easier for you. Often you have to remove the gutter guard to clean the gutter properly, so it’ll help if this isn’t too complicated a process.

But you need to make sure that the installation method doesn’t cause you more problems.

One typical installation method requires you to set it up under the first row of your shingles. The problem with this is that often this means you’re voiding your roof warranty. Most of the time, shingle warranties include warnings about voiding the warranty when you disrupt or damage your roof. You may find that installing under the first row of shingles qualifies as a disruption.

Installing under the first row of shingles may also end up with an extremely steep slope. This then can lead to water runoff issues.

You may want to read customer reviews of various gutter guard products so you can get a sense of how long the gutter guard will last. You may also want to check the time period of the warranty. Obviously, a lifetime warranty is the best. You should also check if the warranty is transferable so that it will still be in effect if you sell your home.

One Last Note

You’ve got plenty of options to work with when finding a gutter guard that will keep pine needles from sticking in your home’s drainage system. You can choose to install a unique filtration system or guard on your own. You could also hire a professional to measure and install a surface for you.

There are plenty of positives involved with all of the gutter guard options out there. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have a setup that will keep items from sticking in your home’s drainage system. Be sure to look around well to find a quality model that you feel comfortable with having at your house.

Hopefully, with the best gutter guards for pine needles and other debris, you can have your gutter working perfectly and you lessen your clean up duties as well.

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