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Are you trying to install your gutter system on your own? Well, you can easily do it yourself. But you will need some helping hand to do that. You will need some tools. Some of them are a must-have tool for gutter installation, and some are just to make things easier.

If you don’t know where to start, then hopefully this article will help you with that. In this article, we will talk about some gutter installation tools that help you install your gutter system with ease.  

Tools Needed for Gutter Installation 2020

Gutter Installation Tools

Unique Feature

  • Heavy Gauge Copper Downspout

  • Made in USA

  • RedLine Handle Technology

  • 5 Hours Battery Backup

  • SAE & Metric Sockets

  • LED Light in Front of Drill

  • Can not Cut Hard Wood

  • Sharp & Heavy Duty Replaceable Blade

  • Material is Aluminum

  • High Carbon Steel Blades

  • Easily Replaceable Punch Blades 

  • 5 or 6-inch Length & Up to .032-inch Thickness

  • Made of Stainless Steel

  • Different Shape(Half Round, Square Line, Mini Line)

  • Help to Hold Up Rain Gutter

  • Made in USA

  • Flexible Throat Depth

  • Strength & Precision Crimper Blade

  • Can Use All-Steel Construction

  • Black Wrinkle Finished

  • Heavy Fabric & Fastens Sheet Metal

  • Easy & Quick to Install & Disassemble

  • Powerful Motor with 6 Blades

  • Flexible 90° with 45° Bevel Cutting

  • Material Heavy Duty Metal

  • Easy to  Remove Cartridges & Install 

  • 1-Year Warranty

  •  Made in China

  •  Made of Not Flexible Aluminum

  •  Lifetime Guarantee

  • Flexible & Container Size: 9.8 Ounce

  • Protect & Seal with Synthetic Rubber

  • Durability Guarantee 50 Years 

Here, we describe their usage as well as some features that make them worth buying. Hence, it’s a complete solution for you if you want to start with the DIY gutter installation.

Let’s get right into it. 

gutter end cap crimper

This is an essential tool in the gutter installation process if you want to have leak-proof gutter connections. It is used for reducing the end of a downspout; thus, they can fit the other end of it. It creates crimps for trimming without having to bend it. Using this tool lets you have perfectly attached downspouts, which helps you get rid of any kind of leakage at all.

This one here has got five blades in total. This gives the downspouts precise crimp, just like the factories. It downsizes the ends and corners without deforming the actual body of the downspout. This isn’t something you must-have for gutter installation. You can consider this as an extra hand gutter tool that makes things more comfortable and more convenient. 


tools needed for gutter installation

Well, this is a must-have tool for installing your gutters. So, this a drill, you will need to attach your gutter system to your household. There is not much to talk about what a drill machine does almost all of us know what it does. And this is, without a doubt, one of the most important rain gutter tools you will need to have. 

But this one, in particular, has too many functions alongside the necessary operations. It has got multiple speed settings that let you switch between the speed without any trouble. Also, it comes with dual chuck for drilling and driving purposes. You can switch them on the fly. This has driving and drilling with excellent torque control. The unit comes without any cord; therefore, you have no hassle of managing the machine. Plus, the battery life is quite impressive. All in all, this is a complete and perfect setup for drilling and driving.  

cutting tools for gutter install

For installing your gutter, you will need to cut them according to your needs. To do that job, you will need this miter cutter tool. This helps you cut precise cuts on your gutter. Without precise cuts on your gutter, you can’t attach them properly, which will eventually lead to leakage. This is why; having this tool is a must to have exact cuts.

Now, why choose this one for that purpose? Well, this one, in particular, is of high quality built and comes with excellent precision. The blades are sharp enough and can make 45-degree to 120-degree cuts. Along with that, you can cut your gutters to any kind of shape you want with these cutters. The set also comes with a spare blade, so you have a backup as well if anything goes wrong.

gutter punch tool

This is a tool used for making downspout drop holes. This part is very crucial for gutter installation. Because it ensures a tight-fitting on the gutters to avoid leakage. This tool makes clean and accurate cutouts on the gutter and downspouts. You can do them with conventional tools as well, but they will inevitably lack precision.  

This one here can make precise cuts and holes without any trouble. The usage is effortless; all you have to do is make a punching hole with your desired hole size. The outlet fits all kinds of gutters; thus, you don’t have to worry about the fitting at all. 

one man gutter installation tool

If you are thinking of installing your gutter entirely on your own, then you will need these. This tool pair makes the gutter installation process a one-person job. This tool holds up the long gutter ends where you were supposed to have another person. So, this just compensates for that. You can call this the ultimate one-person gutter installation tool

There aren’t many of these tools to go to. It makes your job easy and helps you save both your money and your time as well. This works like a gutter mate hanging tool

gutter downspout tool

This is just like the downspout crimper. The functions are quite similar. This one makes precise crimps on the ends of gutters. So, you can attach the gutters correctly with each other.

This one, in particular, gives you precision with a double cut on the inside and a louver cut on the outside. And the throat depth is customizable; that is why you can rely on these for any of your projects. This one has got very sturdy handles that last long enough and don’t bend at all. So, you can put as much pressure as you want. This is a seamless gutter tool that helps your gutter have perfect attachments. 

gutter mate hanging tool

Securing your gutter is another task you will need to emphasize on. And for that purpose, riveting is the best possible procedure to follow. So, you will need a riveting gun to secure all the connections and attachments of your gutter from the outside. 

This one here has got a rugged construction that gives this durability. Along with that, it has got three extra rivet heads stores on board so you can quickly change them. The set comes with 40 rustproof aluminum rivets in four different sizes. The handles are non-slip cushioned handle grips.

gutter seamer tool

This is another cutter but for a very different purpose. This one can cut heavy materials with sheer ease. But you can’t expect precise cutting operation from this one. If you need to lower your gutter in long pieces and make significant cuts on them, then you can go for this. As this is a potent tool to work with.

This one has got a laser guiding system and also has a parallel guiding system. In this way, you can have accuracy while you are making the cuts. You can also make cutting depth adjustments and bevel cutting adjustments from this one. It also has two dust collection vacuum adapters. You can use this as a gutter removal tool as well. 

gutter end cap crimperThis is another vital tool for gutter installation at home. It is required for attaching the gutter parts from the inside. This is an adhesive gun that will glue two parts of the gutter and create a seamless gutter construction.

Now, this can apply adhesive and thick materials with a high thrust power. This one is great for working in low-temperature environments. The machine itself is built with extreme durability and high-quality materials. The 360-degree rotating barrel lets you reach tighter places with ease as well.

homemade rain gutter tools

This one is used for the leveling purpose of your gutter installation process. They help keep the gutters into your desired level and angle. 

This one here comes with durable construction, and the rotating vial helps in making angle adjustments. The V-groove edge makes the leveling job much easier and faster.

gutter repair tools

We have already talked about using adhesive to give your gutter parts a secure attachment from the inside. There is not much to speak of this sealant.

And for the product, this is the best kind of sealant you can use with your adhesive gun. They can hold up a lot of weight and are waterproof as well. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about them coming off.


So, these are the tools you will need to install your gutter by yourself. We tried to explain what is the purpose of these tools and why you should go for the one we talked about. The recommendations came from several online reviews and a bit of our research. You can rely on them. We tried to bring you all in one solution to gutter installation tools in this article. 

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