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An Insight to Essential Garden Tools for Home

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Who doesn’t love to have a beautiful and refreshing garden in the home? Whether you are working or a homemaker, relaxing in your own garden gives immense peace by the end of the day. The lush green leaves and vibrant flowers in the garden take away all the stress and give another reason to celebrate life. It’s a scientifically proven fact that plants are psychologically beneficial for humans. A well-maintained garden looks highly alluring but it takes a lot of hard work to maintain it. People who own gardening as a hobby better know this. But there are some garden tools which take the toil to make the work hassle-free to some extent. Let’s take a heed on some essential garden tools for the home.
For better understanding and clearer concept, we have divided the garden tools into two, based on their ease of use. In the first set, we’ll throw some light on the basic garden tools which are of utmost importance at any home for maintaining the garden. Another set is of tools that are advanced and generally used by the real gardening enthusiasts. They are little expensive but worth every purchase. Check them out!

A- Basic Garden Tools

1. Rake: Everyone likes a clean garden. To remove all the debris and trash a rake works wonder.
2. Hoe: Weeds are the devil in the garden. It is extremely necessary to remove them with a hoe so that they don’t lessen the beauty of the garden.
3. Spade: A good quality of spade is able to break the undesirable lumps in the soil making it more productive and beneficial to the plants.
4. Loppers: They are generally used for the big gardens to remove undesirable small branches and twigs from the trees.

garden tools
5. Hand trowel: It’s a versatile tool as it can plant the herbs, pull out the weeds and dig around the corners.
6. Wheelbarrow: Yet another must-have garden tool is a wheelbarrow. From removing the backyard trash to installing the garden, a wheelbarrow makes the task a lot easy.
7. Long hose: Water the plants with a long hose with adjustable nozzle and rain wand and elevate their life.
8. Garden shears: Prune out the unnecessary branches and shape the plants in the garden with garden shears.

basic garden tools

B- Advanced Garden Tools

1. Cultivator: By making the soil loose it increases the fertility. They work really well when one need to prepare flower bed or garden patches.
2. Hedge Trimmer: Customize it as per your wish and trim or shape the hedges of the garden as preferred.
3. Edger: An edger makes the garden look cleaner by giving a neat finishing. Either the path or the pavements, an edger can work to make them look elegant.

advance garden tools
4. Brush Cutter: As per the name it removes all undesirable grass and weeds from the garden to get rid of uneven terrains.
5. Watering Wand: A watering wand is the best watering device for the plants in the garden. It transfers the water from the garden hose via tube and rushes them out from the shower head at the other end.
6. Garden Apron: A multi-pocketed garden apron is a great storage tool for the garden. It can amass snips, seeds and all other small accessories related to the garden.

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So if you are cultivating a habit of gardening or trying to maintain your home garden by own, purchase some of these must-have garden tools and intensify the beauty of your garden

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