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How Early Can I Mow My Lawn: When and When Not to Mow

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A beautiful lawn is the first step toward having a beautiful home, so it is essential to keep the grass lush and vibrant.

Now we’re at the tail end of spring, and you may have some thoughts while mowing your lawn.

One question that may have crossed your mind is “How early can I mow my lawn?”

Well, to keep it simple, the answer to that is that it depends.

While it may not be a straightforward answer, we’ve got you covered since we’ll discuss the best and worst times and seasons to mow your lawn.

Mowing During the Different Times of the Day

Granted that you can mow whenever you want, as some would suggest, there are things that you need to consider before you pull out your lawnmower from the garage.

Here are some things that might happen if you mow during these hours:

Before Sunrise (Earlier Than 6 AM)

Mowing before the sun rises is absurd unless you plan on waking up your neighbors who are trying to catch some sleep.

Aside from possibly breaking some laws or ordinances, you’d have neighbors complaining at your door in the morning.

It should be a common courtesy to avoid doing this before sunrise.

Early Morning (6 AM to 8 AM)

While many people would prefer to mow their lawn before going to work, this is the worst time to do it.

Why? The grass is still wet from the morning dew.

Your lawnmower will have a hard time cutting wet grass, as it will likely cause it to rip and tear instead.

Also, stress from tearing the grass would cause the roots to pull clogs of soil.

At the same time, the moisture from the grass will create rust in your machine.

Mid Morning (8 AM to 10 AM)

Most professional lawnmowers and gardeners usually start working at this time.

Coincidence, maybe?

Many would suggest that this is the best time for mowing with the grass dry and standing tall.

It is perfect for the lawnmower to cut even strips of grass, and it allows your lawn to heal before the afternoon heat begins.

Mid-Day (10 AM to 4 PM)

It is best to leave your lawnmower in the shed during this time.

The reason is that extreme heat will fatigue you, but it will cause additional heat stress to the grass and may overheat your lawn lower.

Late Afternoon (4 PM to 6 PM)

The heat from the afternoon has probably dropped down at this point, making it the second-best time to mow your lawn.

Similar to mid-morning, trimming your yard at this time window allows your grass blades to recover before nightfall.

Evening (6 PM to 8 PM)

If you decide to mow your lawn after 6 PM, it will be more at risk from disease and fungal infection attacks.

This is caused by a lack of heat for the blades to dry up, leaving them exposed for the night.

Moreover, your neighbors will start to settle in for the evening.

The last thing they’d want to hear is the sound of your lawn mower’s engine.

how early can i mow my lawn at home

Mowing and the Different Seasons

Naturally, as seasons progress, the conditions where the grass settles change.

Here are some tips for mowing your lawn with the changing seasons:


As spring usually falls between March and June, start cutting your lawn around mid-March.

Try to cut the grass at least every week as it grows moderately.

Also, maintain the height of your grass at around one to 1.5 inches or three inches if it is covered by shade.

On a side note, cutting your grass too short might weaken it, allowing weeds and moss to grow.


As summer comes around the corner, the rate at which your grass grows will likely increase.

You’d more or less need to mow your lawn twice per week.

However, in periods where your grass is experiencing drought, try to mow your lawn weekly.

Also, keep your grass a bit longer because it can cope better with hot and dryer temperatures.


Days will be considerably shorter, and the air will be cooler.

Consequently, grass will tend to grow slower, and you will need to mow less frequently.

As you approach winter, be sure to increase the height of your mower blades, keeping your grass at around two to 2.5 inches.

This will keep your grass healthy, avoiding snow mold and stress from the low temperatures.


You can probably store your lawn mower for the season, as the grass will less likely grow too much.

In the unlikely case that you decide to cut some grass, be sure that the weather is warm.

As stated before, never try to mow wet grass, as it will rip it apart and damage your turf.

How Early Can I Mow My Lawn: The Verdict

Mowing is one of the least troubling tasks in maintaining a beautiful lawn, and consideration of when you trim your yard affects the health of the grass.

So how early can I mow my lawn?

We’d say that the earliest and best time to mow your lawn is in mid-morning, from 8 am to 10 am.

Not only is the grass “the strongest” during the day, but it is also when most of your neighbors are awake.

However, if you aren’t a morning person and just missed this time, you’re still in luck!

You have a second shot at it during the late afternoon, from 4 pm to 6 pm. While this isn’t early, it is the second-best time to do so.

During the late afternoon, the temperature slowly goes down as evening approaches, and there is still time for the grass to recover.

As suggested, it is best to avoid mowing your lawn at other times.

It will prevent you from inviting disease and fungi to feast on your freshly trimmed grass and save you the headache of being hated by your neighbors.

So if you have problems with your lawn and are running out of options, we hope we have provided the easy solution you might have overlooked.

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