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House and Roof Color Combinations

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Would you like to wear a blue shirt along with a red pant? The answer is obviously a big NO. You like to look presentable. Hence, you use colors that suit you the best. Similarly, you should pay attention to your house and roof combinations. Choosing the right one can make it look pleasing to the eye. Let us look at some fine color combinations for different types of houses.

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White-Colored Houses:

White is the most common color you find on houses all over the world. There are various reasons why you use white. White is a pure color. It looks aesthetic to find a white-colored house anywhere. This keeps the house cool from inside by reflecting the heat. What is the best roof color for a white house?

Secondly, white color reflects heat.Therefore, you find white houses, more in places that experience warm to hot climates

You can go by the traditional look and give the roofs a gray coating. Black-colored roofs also look nice on a white house

A brown or a brick-red colored roof can also look good on a white house. This is why you have roof tiles with gray or brick-red colors.

best roof color for white house


Brick Houses:

Brick houses are very common in cold countries. Bricks can be deep red or dark brown in color. You have houses that have gray, cream, or even pink colored bricks. It is important to match the color of the roof with the color of the bricks. Let us now see how to choose roof color for a brick house.

best roof color for brick house

  • It can happen that the cast is tan, brown, or golden in color. Under such circumstances, the roof should have a color that is a couple of shades darker than the same color of the bricks. Hence, a darker brown or golden color will look great.
  • If you have gray colored bricks, it is a good idea to have a lighter shade of gray on the roofs. The same goes for white or cream colored bricks. Having a darker shade of gray or cream to go along with the white / cream colored bricks, respectively.
  • Thus, you infer one thing. If you have lighter colored walls, a darker hue for the roof will look good. The same is the case when you have darker walls.

Colors that Go Well With a Gray Roof:

Gray is the most common color for roofs all over the world. Almost any color goes well with a gray colored roof. However, the off-whites, creams, lighter shades of gray and blue color looks great on the walls of a house having a gray colored roof. The brick colors like red, orange, and yellow also look decent. It is better to have fresh and not muted colors when you have a gray roof.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Color Combination:

You have a collage of colors to choose from. However, you should ensure to come up with the right combination. Let us now look at simple aspects of choosing the color combination for houses.

  • Sometimes it pays to be different that the others. Usually, people do not go from unique color shades such as deep blue. Having such a combination for your house can make it stand out from the others. However, remember to get the roof combination right.
  • The color of the bricks should match with that of the walls. Sometimes you have grayish flecks on the bricks. Having a similar color for the walls is not a bad idea at all.
  • If you choose such unique colors, remember to have window and door frames in white color. It can emphasize the entry to your house.
  • As far as possible, avoid using dark colors on your gutter lines, AC ducts, as they can draw the viewers’ attention immediately.
  • Merge with the neighborhood. If you live in an area having row houses with white colored walls, it is better to follow the trend.
  • The best combination for the walls vs roof is the contrast. If you have light colored walls, have a dark colored roof. If your walls are dark in color, go for a lighter shade of the same color for the roofs.
  • The landscape is very important. Your colors should blend with it beautifully. If you have lots of greenery around, try to go for yellow colored walls and a greenish colored roof. It will blend perfectly.

Final Thoughts:

The takeaway from this article is that you should match colors of your walls and roof properly. Contrasting colors is a great way to do so.

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