Top Reasons To Use Power Wheelbarrows In Gardening

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Gardening is an enjoyable experience for many and maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden can be quite satisfying. You can also grow fresh fruit and vegetables in your garden and provide yourself and your family with a steady supply of these. Whatever the reason you engage in gardening, it is important that you equip yourself with the right tools which will make your job easier. 

garden power wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows are one of the most important gardening tools and they are a necessity for anyone remotely engaged in gardening. A wheelbarrow is needed to carry tools and fertilizers among other gardening necessities. Finding the right wheelbarrow for your specific needs is necessary as it will be a key component of your gardening experience.

There are different kinds of wheelbarrows and one such type is a gasoline power wheelbarrow

Also known as a mini wheel dumper, below are some of the reasons why you should use one of these in your gardening.

You Can Carry Bigger loads

One of the top reasons why you should consider using power wheelbarrows in your gardening is the load size that you can carry at a single time using them. This type of wheelbarrow can carry three times the load a conventional wheelbarrow can. This gives power mini wheel dumpers a huge advantage over traditional wheelbarrows. 

Some of the ones available on the market can carry up to a quarter of a ton which makes them highly efficient. This means that you don’t have to make several trips to carry your gardening material. There is enough space to carry all your bags and gardening material and that’s a level of convenience you cannot beat. 

They Are Powerful

As their name suggests, mini wheel dumper’s are quite a powerful piece of machinery. They come with either a gas or electric-powered engine. This gives them the power they need to carry and transport the massive loads they are capable of carrying. The amount of power generated by the engine means that it only takes one person to operate the wheelbarrow and move the load. 

With a conventional wheelbarrow, a heavy load needs an individual within a fair amount of strength to move. In some cases, you might need a couple of people to assist each other if the load is too heavy. If you make use of one, the machine will do all the work for you and your body doesn’t need to bear the brunt of it anymore. 

The amount of power in these machines allows them to carry loads across terrain that would be difficult to navigate using a conventional wheelbarrow. Fully loaded, power wheelbarrows can carry a load up slopes of up to 20 degrees. Carrying a quarter of a ton up a slope is no small feat and this makes mini wheel dumpers a handy tool to possess. 

Power Wheelbarrows Have Great Balance

Using a wheelbarrow in your garden usually involves pushing it over uneven terrain and around other obstacles. Handling a conventional wheelbarrow on uneven terrain can prove to be a nightmare. Balancing the wheelbarrow is even a harder task when you are moving a large and heavy load. 

Power wheelbarrows solve the issue of balancing your wheelbarrow with ease. These machines come with four wheels which gives them balance, even in uneven terrain. Some of the mini wheel dumpers have 4×4 wheels which give them extra balance and the ability to navigate the toughest of obstacles. The level of balance that comes with these machines will come in handy when you work in your garden. You can take your wheelbarrow to any part of your garden without worrying about it falling over. 

Dump Carts

Tipping the wheelbarrow is one of the most taxing parts of using conventional wheelbarrows. One needs to exert a lot of energy to lift the wheelbarrow and tip out its contents. Proper aim is also difficult to achieve with conventional wheelbarrows and it is easy to find yourself dumping the contents of your wheelbarrow in the wrong place. 

With power wheelbarrows, tipping your wheelbarrow to empty it is a thing of the past. Dumping the load so easily is probably why they are also called mini wheel dumpers. To dump their load, they use hoppers which tip independently of the rest of the machine. They also tip in any direction you desire which means you can deposit the contents in the exact space you want them. Tipping the dump cart involves simply lifting a handle and the machine does the rest. These dump carts are highly convenient and efficient and gardening is made easier using these machines. 

Easy To Control

Being a sophisticated piece of machinery cannot be complete without easy to use controls. Power wheelbarrows come with easy to use controls which enable a user to maneuver the wheelbarrow and make use of its full functions. The machines can be controlled by buttons and/or throttles depending on the make and model. 

Most of them use hydraulic transmissions to power them forward or backward depending on where you want to go. You could even “park”  the wheelbarrow on a slope if you are working in an area with such terrain because they come with a “handbrake” of sorts. These features give you absolute control over your wheelbarrow and allow for the machines to be used in ways which aren’t possible with traditional wheelbarrows. 

The Bottom Line

Power wheelbarrows bring high levels of convenience and efficiency to your gardening experience. These machines will transform how you go about your gardening. If you need to go about your gardening without breaking your back, mini wheel dumpers are the way to go. 


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