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Simplify a Tedious Task with the Best Gutter Vacuum Cleaner

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Being one of the most troublesome home maintenance chores ever, it’s a good thing that you just need to clean your gutters at least twice a year. However, even without having to do this task very often, it still remains to be one of the most vexing chores a homeowner has to do on the regular.

As a result, any and all methods that can make it easier is welcome.

Best product to clean gutters?

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For more recommendations, continue reading the best gutter vacuum reviews hand-picked by our expert staff members.

What makes cleaning the gutters a dreadful task is the fact that it’s quite complicated to do.

You either need to climb up the roof to get the job done or use a ladder to reach them. Both methods involve a significant amount of risk and require a good deal of dexterity to accomplish.

You can’t even think about skipping it entirely, though, as it’s completely necessary if you don’t want to put your home at risk of structural issues.

Cleaning Gutters with a Vacuum Cleaner

Fortunately, some people found a few good ways to simplify the tedious chore of cleaning gutters.

The best gutter vacuum cleaners were created so you can get the nasty job done quickly and more effectively without too much fuss.

Gutter vacuums can prove to be indispensable products for lots of households as they effectively clear out the junk and debris in the gutters without you having to crawl on top of the roof.

It’s a very handy piece of equipment that will make the chore simpler to accomplish, especially if you opted for the best one.

best gutter vacuum cleaner reivews

Like other vacuum cleaners, they can suck in and remove the debris and other sorts of junk that could be accumulating on your gutters. It eliminates the need of you using physical your physical prowess and movements to get rid of the gutter contents.

With such, you can focus on balancing and aiming the cleaner nozzle instead, simplifying and making the task simpler.

What is the best product to clean gutters, you might be wondering?

Here are three of our gutter vacuum reviews that might help you get to know these kinds of equipment better.

1. GutterSucker Gutter Cleaning Vacuum System Junior

Specifically made for cleaning gutters, the GutterSucker Gutter Cleaning Vacuum System Junior has a lot to offer to many homeowners.

Despite being the ‘junior’ variety, this item will already let you clean your gutters without having to step and balance on a ladder.

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Its 6-meter reach will allow you to clean gutters from the ground, giving you a stable footing and eliminating the major risk that comes with the chore.

While it’s not exactly the solution for multi-story homes, it can still suit the needs of many households.

As a wet and dry vacuum, you can also count on this product to handle all sorts of stuff that’s waiting in your gutters.

This will let you get to work no matter what time of year it is, making it a perfect tool to have around if your gutters tend to get dirty rather quickly.

The best thing about this product is that it’s not just for cleaning gutters. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, letting you make the most from its purchase.

With its great performance and very affordable price tag, you can also be guaranteed that you’ll get great value for your money from this product.


2. SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine

A popular alternative to the GutterSucker junior is the SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine.

It’s largely similar to the item listed above except for a few details.

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For starters, this item is relatively compact. It’s one of the smallest items in SkyVac’s range which makes it a lot easier to maneuver and work with. It’s also lightweight so you won’t have a hard time moving it around.

Despite its size, though, it comes with strong suction. As it can also work with both wet and dry debris, you can be sure that it can handle all kinds of stuff that might be sitting on your gutters.

What helps it stand out is its blow function. With this, you can do more with this tiny piece of equipment.

3. Gutter Sucker Pro Gold Package

Offering something extra is the Gutter Sucker Pro Gold Package.

Being from the same manufacturer as the first item above, you can expect similar specifications but with a few tweaks.

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The most notable of these is the length of the poles and the additional camera.

While the Junior comes with a 30-foot pole, the Pro comes with a 40-foot pole that provides extra reach. So if your gutters are located a bit higher, this might come in handy for you.

The camera set is also a thoughtful addition to this system. It will let you keep an eye on what you’re doing without putting you at risk of a fall.


Why We Shouldn’t Avoid Gutter Cleaning?

Without cleaning your gutters regularly, you’ll put your house at risk of accumulating rainwater in areas that are not designed to hold water.

It can then get absorbed by the materials used in constructing your house or spill over the sides. This can then erode your landscaping, stain your walls, flood your basement, or compromise the foundation of your house.

More on Gutter Cleanups

If you’re not yet familiar with gutter vacuums, you might want to know more about it aside from what was mentioned above.

While product suggestions will help point you in the right direction, they might not be enough for those who are still clueless about how they work.

So to help you get to know more about the easiest way to clean gutters, we’ll discuss below some of the most important points about gutter vacuums.

How to Clean the Gutters of a Two-story House

The gutters of single-story homes are way easier to clean since they’re rather accessible. It’s a different case for 2-story homes as the additional height provides extra challenges.

However, it’s not impossible to clean them on your own. In fact, there are quite a few different techniques to do it. Some of these are the following:

Use a gutter vacuum with a camera

The camera will serve as your eyes on your gutters, helping you ensure that you’ll do a thorough job in cleaning your gutters.

This remains the best way to clean gutters you can’t reach as it’s more efficient and safer than the others listed below.

Use a modified attachment on your leaf-blower or power-washer

Blowers and power-washers are also some of the best gutter cleaning tools as they physically remove debris from your gutters.

However, you will need a modified attachment for such items so they can reach your second-floor gutters.

It’s very important to note that you should take extra precautions when using these items. The debris they’ll blow or wash away will most likely fall on or around you, so you have to be prepared to dodge those.

How to Find the Best Gutter Vacuum: Buying Guide

With the number of options available and the factors in play for what will suit your needs, you might also need a few tips to help you choose the best gutter vacuum for you.

For this, here are some of the ones that we believe will be able to help you make the right choice:

1. Opt for something versatile

Not only will this let you use your vacuum cleaner in more ways but it can also ensure that you’ll get your gutters thoroughly clean.

Take a close look at the features of the item you’re eyeing to determine how it performs. Wet and dry vacuums promise great versatility because they can handle different kinds of dirt.

Those with blow function can also come in handy as they won’t just serve as a vacuum cleaner but as a blower as well.

2. Be very particular about the attachments of the model you’re eyeing

The attachments of your gutter vacuum will determine whether you’ll need a ladder or not.

It’s best if you go for something that adequately reaches your gutters so you don’t need to fuss with another item anymore.

3. Read reviews

To learn whether the item you’re eyeing is powerful enough to clear up your gutters, read reviews.

These items will be the best sources of information related to such details, so make sure to look some up.


To further help you get to know the best ways to clean your gutters, read on for our answers on some of the most commonly asked questions about the said chore below.

What is the easiest or best way to clean gutters?

Vacuuming your gutters is still the best and easiest ways to clean gutters. The way it removes the dirt and debris from this area is way more efficient than blowing or washing them out.

This method also can help prevent downspout clogging so you’ll get to finish the chore way faster.

How often should you clean gutters?

It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year.

However, if you have trees on your property, you might want to do the chore a bit more often to control the accumulation of leaves and other debris on your gutters.

When is the best time to clean gutters?

The best time of the year to clean your gutters would be during the late autumn to early winter months.

You will need to remove the accumulated leaves and debris from your gutters after the fall season has passed so they won’t weigh down your gutters or clog your downspouts.

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