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How to Get Paint Out of Carpet?

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Paints are usually colorful chemical solutions used for decorative and protective purposes of the surfaces. Painting is also a joyful and exciting job and it would always provide the painter with enough contentment once he finishes it. But if the paint spills over a carpet, it is definitely going to be a monotonous and tiring job causing frustration.

Using airless paint sprayers will reduce the time of painting and assists to avoid paint spilling. Also, while painting a surface, the floor, furniture, and the ceilings should be appropriately taped with the drop cloths to prevent spills and messy appearance.

But, regardless of how careful you are, paints may spill even over the unimaginable areas of the carpet. Also, just because the carpet seems to be shabby with numerous paint markings it cannot be thrown away because it is very expensive to purchase a new one. Instead, the paint marks on the carpets can be treated with appropriate elements to get rid of it.

The first and foremost part of cleaning the paint stains on the carpet is to know about the type of the paint because each paint has different chemical properties and so they need to be treated accordingly. Various types of paints include latex, oil based, water based, wood paints etc. Let’s have a glance over the procedure to get rid of the paint marks.

Best Way to Get Paint Out of Carpet

Treating water-based paint stains

  1. Check whether the paint is dry or wet. If it is wet, just blot the paint using the wet paper towel. Make sure not to scrub the paint with the carpet as the paint may move deep inside the carpet moreover, it may damage the carpet also.
  2. If the paint spill is dry, then use some hot water and detergent over the spill. As you know, objects expand on heating; the paint spill will expand breaking the bonding between its atoms making the cleaning process easier.
  3. Now use a knife or a putty knife to scrape the paint spill on the carpet. Don’t try to scrape while the paint is dry as it may damage the carpet fibers.
  4. You can see the paint spill coming off from the fiber but, sometimes it won’t work on spongy fibers. In that case, use your regular iron box with the appropriate steam over the paint spill to finish your task.
  5. Some people may require a commercial solution like a stain remover to remove some stains like coffee stains, pet stains etc. In such cases, spray some of it over the stain and gently scrub using a putty knife
  6. Always be careful while you deal with the lengthy fibers and do not damage the fibers.
  7. Another way to get rid of simple stains is to apply household ammonia to the paint stain with enough hot water, especially caused by the pets.
  8. Make sure that your windows are kept open while you open the ammonia bottle, since the pungent smell caused by the ammonia would be awkward but, the fortunate aspect is that it doesn’t leave its smell after you are finished.
  9. Gently scrub the paint spill with the stiff-bristled brush against the paint stains; do not soak the carpet in the water while scrubbing.
  10. Leave the ammonia to react with the stains for about an hour.
  11. Blot the ammonia away from the spot and use a dampened white rag on the stain to neutralize the effect of ammonia.
  12. Then give a neat shampoo wash to the stained portion of the carpet thus providing a clean and fresh carpet free from stains.
  13. Even after such tedious jobs, if you find some minor stains randomly, then go for a heat treatment. Place a clean and dry rag over the wet region of the carpet and iron the rag with a good amount of heat suitable for your carpet. Nylon and synthetically made carpets require less heat whereas, the woolen carpets need maximum heat.
  14. Make sure that you iron box contains enough amount of water and set to the steam mode. With steam (combination of water and heat) when ironed continuously for 20 seconds it would make the paint stains come on the other side of the rag. Repeat the process if required.

Treating latex paint stains

  1. Blot the paint from the stained area. Don’t scrub it as the stain might move deeper.
  2. Mix a cup of lukewarm water (partially warm water) with the detergent and gently scrub over the stain marks.
  3. After scrubbing leave the carpet for about an hour. Once the stained area is dry then vacuum it.

How to Get Wet Paint Out of Carpet

Treating Oil-based paint stains

  1. Oil-based paints are highly viscous which gives a glossy appearance. So, removing oil-based stains require heat treatment also.
  2. If the paint stain is wet, then just blot it and treat it ordinarily. If the paint stain is dry, apply heat to the stain to loosen its rigidity.Now pick the stain using some sort of needle.
  3. If necessary add some turpentine to a clean rag and blot it over the paint stain to get better results.
  4. Continue the procedure without damaging the carpet fibers, till you get rid of the paint stain.

Treating acrylic paint stains

  1. Wet the spot using some water and blot it using a rag. Try to use a disposable cloth so that you don’t have to wash the cloth after you are done
  2. Add some detergent to the spot and blot it gently. This would loosen the paint particles in the spot and prepare the spot for the next treatment.
  3. Wet your rag with limited acetone and then blot the paint stain. Make sure that you wear a respiratory mask and safety gloves to use acetone. Moreover, prolonged exposure to acetone fumes is also harmful to your health.
  4. Scrub the stained area with the toothbrush to get rid of the residual amount of paint stains and then apply the carpet cleaner and let it sit there for 5 minutes.
  5. Then use a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Bottom line

Even though there are ways to get rid of the paint stains, such works are really time to consume and leaves the user exhausted. Remember, patience is the most required important tool to remove the paint stains from the carpets. Moreover, whenever you use a rag, try not to use a dyed cloth, because the dye may spread over the carpet making the situation worse.


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