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Getting a Best Gutter Cleaning Robot That Fits Your Needs

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You must get your gutters cleaned regularly to keep your home from experiencing water damage. Water will stream away from your home when your gutters are clear. A lack of obstruction will keep your gutters from spreading water into your home or foundation.

More choices should come out as people start to notice what makes gutter cleaning robots so useful. It is no surprise that iRobot would be the first to get into the market and offer such a unit for home use.

Quick Feature of Best Gutter Cleaning Robot 2020

iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot
275 Reviews
iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot
  • Now at just under 2 inch high and 3 inches wide, this low profile design is more compact than previous Looj models
  • Simple One Button CLEAN Mode, Lithium ion battery technology
  • Four Stage Auger uses a 4 stage cleaning process to dislodge and remove gutter debris
  • The Looj 330 reduces repeated ladder climbing and overreaching from dangerous heights to make gutter cleaning a safer task

What Alternative Choices Out There?

irobot Gutter Cleaner Review

This model uses a four-stage auger to blow dirt, leaves and other items from around the gutter. The Looj 330 can sense debris based on how thick it is and its general mass. The robot will adapt its functions based on what it identifies.

best gutter cleaning irobot

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The auger features a series of convenient pieces including a breaker, an ejector, and some polypropylene sweepers. These parts cover all the debris that the auger gets in touch with.

The unit will work well when clearing out your gutter. It takes about five minutes to clean out about 30 feet of gutter space. It can also handle around 200 linear feet on an average charge. This should be enough to go through most spots around your home and without any substantial struggles coming out of it.

What Makes It Worthwhile?

  • Rubber handle offers a simple body for handling
  • Fully waterproof
  • Low profile body is about three inches wide
  • Offers a communication range of 50 feet from your remote

Problems to Note

  • Has to be aligned carefully before use
  • Bristles might wear out
  • Needs regular cleaning

How Does It Work?

An automatic gutter cleaning system works with a useful setup.

  1. With this, you will place a device inside a gutter.
  2. You will then use a remote control to operate that unit.
  3. The robot will start to clean the surface.

The gutter cleaning robot features a series of tools at its front. These include a brush or other item that will loosen debris.

  1. The things the robot picks up will be flipped to the ground. This includes leaves and other light items that might get in the way.
  2. The robot will continue to move forward along the gutter as it rolls on a series of tracks.

The intention of this is to simplify the process of cleaning out your gutter. The unit will not only clear out difficult materials but also keep you from having to get all the way up to the roof of your house to clean out the debris. This is a much safer approach to handling your cleaning plans than just getting up on a ladder yourself.

You may operate your robot from the ground with a remote control. This would let you move the robot back and forth along the gutter without getting in direct contact with the unit. You would only have to get up to the gutter to insert and align the robot so it can move along the gutter.

You still have the option to stay up there to watch how the machine works as it clears out the gutter. Either way, this is safer than brushing it yourself and risking your ladder not being stable enough to handle all that movement you make during the traditional cleaning process.

The robot operates off of battery power. You must charge up the battery first, but the robot will be ready to work after you power up the unit. The robot will move up and down your gutter and clear out anything it comes across. You don’t have to worry about using an electric wire to make the battery work, thus making it essential and effective for your cleaning needs.

What Does a Robot Need?

You have to look at what you will get out of a gutter cleaning robot when seeing how well it works. There are several things you have to look at in such a robot:

  • How large is the robot?

The unit should fit into your gutter without problems. A typical home gutter is around three to six inches wide. Your robot should be narrow enough to fit into the gutter but still wide to where it can brush out the debris inside of it without anything slipping back into the gutter.

  • How does the brush feature work?

The brush feature on your robot should be designed to go through even the toughest bits of debris. It should come with a solid body that scoops up many items without anything getting caught inside of the setup.

  • How will it move along the inside of your gutter?

A series of tracks should be featured on a gutter cleaning robot. These tracks are laid out in a tank-like format to move the robot along the inside of the gutter. A series of grooves may be included on the tracks to create extra grip. Either way, the design should be organized so the robot will move in a straight line.

  • How are you going to control it?

The best gutter cleaner is easy to control with a simple remote. This can include a unit that lets you move the robot up and down the body of the gutter.

  • What will you do about cleaning the robot?

You will have to wash out your automatic gutter cleaning system once in a while. This is to get rid of old bits of leaves and other items that might be stuck inside its body. You should be able to use a standard brush with water to clean out the blades.

  • How is your robot powered up?

A battery should be included in the cleaning robot. This will quickly power up your unit as it moves through the gutter. The battery would have to be charged up before you use it. That power unit should also work well enough to go through your gutters without issues, but it might take an extra bit of time for the system to work all the way.

  • Is the robot capable of going through wet surfaces without problems?

The housing on your cleaning robot should be sturdy enough to where moisture will not be a problem. There might be cases where excess moisture is stuck inside your gutter system. This added moisture might come from some of the debris trapped in there.

All of these features are good to spot as you look for a quality gutter cleaning robot. But you must look around well when finding an appropriate choice for your use.

gutter cleaning robot review

But the process of cleaning out your gutter can be a challenge. You need the best gutter cleaning robot to help you get this part of your home cleaned out. A robot can help you clear out space while also keeping you safe as you won’t have to worry about climbing up a ladder to clean out your gutters when you use an effective robot.

You must look at how well such a unit works for your home though. A great gutter cleaning robot will work wonders for when you need assistance with cleaning out one of the toughest spaces in your home to work on. But even with this, there is only one real option available on the market right now. Some other tools that use the same principles as what a cleaning robot uses are available too.

What Choices Are Out There?

There is only one particular model you can find right now. That model is the Looj 330 from iRobot, the same company behind the Roomba series of vacuum cleaners.

 What About Related Products?

There are some products out there that are somewhat similar to what iRobot has to offer. They are not necessarily cleaning robots, but they do at least show some part of the framework that the technology is based on or was inspired by:

  • Toro Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit – This comes with an extended nozzle that lets you reach the gutter from the ground. You would attach to the nozzle onto a Toro blower or vacuum. The unit will get enough air out to push debris out from your gutter.
  • Gutter Pump – The Gutter Pump is a device that goes into your gutter and blocks debris from entering the downspout. The design ensures that water will keep flowing down.
  • Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool – This third option is designed as an extendable arm that reaches into the gutter to clean out old debris in a space.

irobot looj review

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Each of these is not as detailed as what you might get out of a true cleaning robot, but they are all made with the same principles in mind. They are made to keep your gutters clear and easy to wash out.

A Final Word

Watch when finding an automatic gutter cleaning system that you know what you are getting out of it. The best gutter cleaner should be one that is easy to use and set up without being rough to handle. When you get a quality cleaner ready, it will be easier for you to clear out this problematic spot outside your home, thus ensuring your space will stay secure and safe from water damage. The fact that a cleaner is a safer choice for your home is a real plus too. Be sure that you look at what you can get out of a gutter cleaner for your home.


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