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Ryobi Leaf Blower Reviews of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Tired of seeing fallen leaves all over your beautiful yard, driveway, gutters, and roof?

We get how utterly frustrating that situation can be; we’ve been there, too.

To move these eyesores to a more desirable area, we found that using a leaf blower is the best solution.

Ryobi aims to help you find the right unit for your property, offering a range of leaf blowers that are nothing but remarkable.

With the compilation of Ryobi leaf blower reviews below, you can easily decide which among its products is the ideal one for your home.

Who Makes Ryobi?

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese manufacturer of components for the electronics, telecommunications, and automobile industry.

It is also a market leader when it comes to selling builders’ hardware, printing equipment, and power tools.

Ryobi Outdoor Power Equipment and Ryobi Power Tools are both brands of Techtronic Industries under the license from Ryobi Limited.

Techtronic Industries owns other brands like Dirt Devil, Vax, Hoover US, Milwaukee, and AEG (licensed from Electrolux).

Ryobi, or Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. as it was originally known, was founded in 1943. The following year, the company began selling die-cast products.

By 1961, it started manufacturing offset printing presses and was subsequently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

However, it was only in 1968 when Ryobi began producing power tools. These tools’ immense popularity was the reason behind the change to its current name back in 1973.

Ryobi operates 12 manufacturing facilities across six different countries.

It opened its only manufacturing location in the United States in Shelbyville, Indiana, back in 1985.

Where Can You Find Ryobi Power Tools?

Ryobi is most popular for its power tools used by professionals and home DIYers all over the world.

In addition to the United States, Ryobi’s licensor, Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong, also owns the brand in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

In 1988, it purchased assets of the former Diehl Motor Company, the Sears Craftsman hand-held power tools supplier.

All Ryobi tools will feature a model number that either begins with 315 or 973.

Those sold in Canada and the United States are mostly purchased through online shopping sites and home depot.

In the UK, these are mostly sold at hardware stores. Bunnings Warehouse sells them in New Zealand and Australia.

If you want a Ryobi leaf blower to add to your collection of power tools, below are in-depth reviews of the best models.

Ryobi Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Leaf Blower

The Ryobi One+ 18V is a simple, easy-to-use, and ergonomically designed leaf blower that every homeowner would want to have.

There is more to this unit than meets the eye.

For one, its cordless design lets you use it for extended periods, minus the hassle of dealing with tangled wires.

Let’s take a close look at its features to decide if it will fit your needs.


The Ryobi One+ 18V leaf blower runs on a reliable, high-capacity 4Ah battery that arrives with its own charger.

This leaf blower setup offers great value for money for its price, but will it fit your needs?

You can be sure fallen leaves will never ruin your beautifully manicured lawn again with the Ryobi One+.

Extremely powerful, you can use this lightweight leaf blower to move leaves and other debris, including caked-up dirt and small rocks.

It can blow air as strong as 100 miles per hour and boasts an impressive airflow capacity of 280 cubic feet per minute.

As powerful as it is, it would be best if you wear proper eye protection when using this leaf blower.

Be wary of using it in a confined space, where the blown air will have direct contact with a wall.

It is highly likely that, at full blast, fine dirt and dust particles will enter your eyes.

If you don’t wish to set it at maximum power, use the trigger on the handle to control the speed as per your needs.

The harder you squeeze the trigger, the stronger the blast will be.

Also, keep in mind that the leaf blower is extremely loud when used at its highest setting.

You might not even be able to hear anything or anyone over all that noise.

As such, be extra careful and stay aware of your surroundings to avoid any accidents.


  • Powerful
  • Can move wet leaves
  • Easy to control the trigger
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Lightweight build


  • Extremely loud

2. Ryobi 40V Brushless Jet Fan Leaf Blower

Is the Ryobi One+ 18V leaf blower not powerful enough for your needs?

Perhaps you’ll find a better fit with this Ryobi 40V Brushless Jet Fan Leaf Blower.

This model offers impressively powerful blasts that can give gas-powered units a run for their money.


With the combined power of a brushless motor and a 40-Volt lithium-ion battery, it’s easy to see why this Ryobi leaf blower is a crowd favorite.

To use it at maximum power, simply press the Turbo button and enjoy increased performance unlike any other.

In addition, there’s also a lets you customize variable speed trigger that the air output to your liking.

As part of the Whisper series, it is among the quietest hand-held leaf blowers at just 58 decibels.

What’s impressive is that it remains that quiet even when delivering the same power as gas-powered leaf blowers.

Now, it won’t be called a “jet” leaf blower if not for its impressive airflow capacity at 550 cubic feet per minute.

This level of power can easily blow away even wet leaves and heavier debris.

Along with a 4Ah battery and a charger, this model is compatible with Ryobi’s 40-Volt system of tools, chargers, and batteries.

Lastly, you can rest assured your purchase is protected because this leaf blower comes with an impressive five-year warranty.


  • Gas-like power
  • Turbo button for maximum airflow
  • Quieter operation
  • Protected by warranty


  • On the expensive side

3. Ryobi R40402 Leaf Blower (Bare Tool)

It is highly likely that you already own Ryobi power tools and have a battery and charger to spare.

As long as they are compatible with this leaf blower, we recommend just buying this bare tool to save some bucks.


The Ryobi R40402 Leaf Blower has a maximum air output speed of 155 miles per hour and 300 cubic feet per minute of clearing force.

Thanks to the variable speed trigger, this leaf blower is extremely powerful and offers superior control for a more precise clearing.

The unique jet fan design will optimize the airflow to produce about two times more power than regular leaf blowers on the market.

The power tool weighs a little over seven pounds, which makes it extremely light. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes it easier to operate, too.

Keep in mind that this leaf blower is sold without the battery and charger.

You can purchase them separately from the company’s website at an additional cost.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Powerful air output speed
  • Precision clearing
  • Cordless


  • Does not come with a battery and charger

4. Ryobi One+ 18V Compact Leaf Blower (Bare Tool)

This leaf blower from Ryobi is an ideal option if you are on a tight budget and have a smaller yard to maintain.

With a more compact and ergonomic design, it becomes much easier to operate.


This Ryobi leaf blower is much smaller and lighter compared to the ones we reviewed earlier.

Though described as a workshop blower, it works just as well for smaller yards, too.

What’s even more impressive is that it only 2.5 pounds, so it is significantly easier to handle and prevents arm fatigue.

Despite its smaller size, it boasts an impressive motor that provides a maximum air output speed of 160 miles per hour.

There is a variable speed trigger with three-speed settings when you want to use it on softer surfaces.

The blower’s handle has a more comfortable grip. It also comes with an integrated rubber nozzle to protect the surface where it’s used.

Do note that the machine does not come with a battery or charger.


  • Ideal to protect surfaces
  • Brilliant performance
  • Lightweight


  • Not meant for heavier debris

5. Ryobi One+ P21100VNM Cordless Leaf Blower

The Ryobi One+ P21100VNM leaf blower is an excellent balance of price and features.

It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a reliable leaf blower for home use.


Like the previous options, this Ryobi leaf blower comes with a brushless motor that delivers maximum power.

It boasts a maximum airspeed output of 110 miles per hour with an airflow capacity of 410 cubic feet per minute.

This is an extremely lightweight power tool designed to ensure you don’t experience fatigue even when using it for longer periods.

However, the best thing about this blower is how quiet it is.

Ryobi claims it is the quietest leaf blower on the market, with a maximum noise level rating of just 54 decibels.

The blower comes with an 18V high-capacity lithium-ion battery and a charger. You also get a three-year warranty on it.


  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Protected by a warranty


  • None

Are Ryobi Leaf Blowers Any Good?

Ryobi boasts a range of cordless leaf blowers as powerful as gas-powered units.

And after trying them out for ourselves, we have to admit that this statement is very true.

Aside from that, Ryobi leaf blowers also offer the following features:

Impressive Power

Unlike many other cordless units, Ryobi leaf blowers have more than enough power to push wet leaves and other kinds of small debris to your desired area.

Looking at the list earlier, we can confidently say that any one of these leaf blowers could be the perfect tool for your property.

A majority of battery-operated blowers do not come with the necessary power to handle debris on lawns.

Thankfully, with these units, you can rest assured that they will be able to work on more than just hard surfaces.

Variable Speed Settings

These leaf blowers also provide you with the option to choose from their various speed settings.

This feature will allow you to adjust the speed as per your need.

Having multiple speeds is helpful when you have to work on delicate parts of your yard, like the garden, and areas that need more power.

Ease of Use

Even though these are almost as powerful as gas-powered units, they do not come with the same amount of hassle that a traditional leaf blower has.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about oil and gas either. Simply switch the leaf blower on, and you can get to work right away.

Another thing about Ryobi leaf blowers that people really like is how comfortable they are to use.

All Ryobi leaf blowers have a lightweight build, making them easy to carry around the property without developing arm fatigue.

To further provide a better experience, Ryobi has ensured that the leaf blowers are well balanced and have minimal vibration.

The soft grip adds to the overall comfort of the user, too.

The range of Ryobi’s leaf blowers is perfect for those looking for a quick pick-up-and-go kind of solution.

The entire operation is fairly simple, and even the maintenance requires no much fuss.

What Kind of Oil Goes in a Ryobi Leaf Blower?

Since all the Ryobi leaf blowers we reviewed are battery-operated, cordless units, they do not need any oil.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are all you need for these power tools to stay in optimal condition.

If you ever switch to using a gas-powered leaf blower, that’s the time when you would have to use an oil and gas mixture.

When choosing one, make sure you pick a premium brand of oil. You should then get gas with an octane rating of 89, at the very least.

Anything below that could cause the engine temperature to increase and eventually result in damage.

Gas leaf blowers use a gas-to-oil mixture ratio of 40:1. That would roughly translate to 3.2 ounces of two-cycle engine oil to a gallon of gas.

Most gas leaf blowers come with a two-cycle engine that needs a gas and oil mixture to keep the engine well lubricated.

Do not mix regular engine oil in the mixture, as it tends to be too thick and could cause additional problems.

If you are unsure whether you’ll get the ratio right, you can also consider picking up a pre-mixed solution.

For this convenience, you could almost always expect this to be more expensive, though.

What Is the Best Ryobi Leaf Blower?

After reading through the Ryobi leaf blower reviews earlier, do you think you can now decide which is the best leaf blower for you?

There is no doubt that any one of these models would be an ideal choice. Still, our personal favorite is the Ryobi One+ P21100VNM Leaf Blower.

Despite being as affordable as it is, it won’t disappoint when it comes to the features.

It is strong enough to clear wet leaves and heavy debris, but it doesn’t have that annoyingly loud noise that regular units do.

All in all, we’re sure that this is a leaf blower you won’t regret having at your disposal.

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